Top Five (5) Professional Dancers in Nigeria


Welcome to the page where you get to know more about Nigerian dancers and dance styles. You probably have been to a party or event well if you like busting a move or stepping on the dance floor to express yourself but you don’t have enough self-confidence this is due to the fact that you might not really know how to dance that song very well.

Dancing is not very difficult especially if you put your mind into it but avoid embarrassing yourself these are the steps you should take. once the music starts playing try to sync your head all the music you probably should clap or demonstrate your body in the rhythm of the music.

While feeling the beat of the music try to step to it I probably should start slowly and the pace into it and with time you get very comfortable doing it.

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Even if you’re on the dance floor with your partner you should follow the same pace as he/she is so as to be accommodating. may you get more comfortable on the dance floor you can start adding some styles twisting turning and others.

This might even lead to you discovering your own style of music and focus on it.
A few tips to get very good at dancing you should always keep yourself inspired make sure you feel your body practice at home and probably take dance lessons consistently.

while dancing may seem difficult to some people it could be a very easy tattoo especially if you try to learn how to dance at home.

This is a way easier practice and it has an advantage because it is also a form of exercise we should also learn cool moves from. You can perfect Lee dance when you dance on front of a mirror that is why I must dance schools have that very wild mirror in front of the dancers.

Why must be behind safe dancing is natural not there people that are naturally flexible now my turn out to be very good dancers unless they try how to dance and Trent with it they might not be good dancers so there is no exemption you can always learn how to dance and get good at it not just having a natural talent. However, if you have a passion for dancing or you could do is try and learn more dance moves.

I hope you you know that research has shown that dances are born not made. according to the research there are people who possess a special kind of gene for dancing but this shouldn’t put your because you can always get better by practicing.

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Dancing on can be said to be your very special way of having fun while expressing your feelings it is not to be an expressive art form through which you can also share your emotions some dances tell a lot of stories.

That says do a really good job because even though the music is not making much sense the dancers still try to come up with something beautiful for it.
This kind of dancers always light up in the music. Yes they are the best dancers in Nigeria and they’re professionals at that.

In the entertainment industry there are Nigerians who are outstanding and has made name for themselves just by dancing creatively.

No matter the tempo of the music and I still find a way around it most of them has created dance competitions and have done extraordinarily in terms of dancing Nigerian songs.


Nigerian dance steps and styles are very unique because it sets the trend and other countries copy, foreigners also learn how to dance to our songs that’s we are the biggest in Africa entertainment industry.

There are many dance steps have originated in Nigeria which are very popular and you probably must have heard of them, they are Yahooze, Alanta, Etigi, Azonto, Shakiti Bobo, skelewu, shoki and currently the trending zanku.

These are the dance steps that will be learnt through personal training watching of videos on Instagram and YouTube even using of dance instructors.
These are Masters of dance in Nigeria who also could magic out of the trending African dance styles like gwara gwara, one corner, shaku shaku and Kupe African dance.
they do choreography for the team show them all to do for music videos and all that.

These dance artists which may include dance instructors choreographers and trainers might as well be one of the hardest working set of people because they peace different styles of dancing together to make one unique dance step. In order to celebrate some of list of dances that hard work last time and their progress in the last couple of years here are the top five best dancers list in Nigeria:

  1. Kaffy

Kaffy is known to be Nigeria’s best dancer at the moment who has to her portfolio the Guinness book of records for the longest dance party.
She has been the choreographer for several Nigerian artists and even why she got pregnant she still didn’t stop dancing.

She has also been one of the judges for several dance talent shows.

  1. Amarachi

Most people know this 13-year-old girl as at that time who had incredible dance moves she also later featured popular Igbo rapper – Phyno on her song. She has amazing dance skills which made her start-up her own dance academy she’s going to make a major break into the entertainment industry.

  1. Poco Lee

He Is popularly known for his Zanku dance style. In this food is regarded as the best as he works with stop Nigerians Zanku artists like Naira Marley, Zlatan ibile, Tiwa Savage and co. In making their music video.

  1. Till Lloyd

Lloyd is popularly known for a particular dance style in Nigeria called Krump dance. He has won several awards in this field and works with Kaffy the dancer.
Lloyd has also been the official dancer for big brother Naija grand finale show.

  1. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is the popular Nigerian singer who focuses more on afro-pop and dances them nothing short of uniqueness as she seeks to represent the African culture international dance scene. She’s popular for her fiery and dynamic dance styles in her videos. he’s one of the best female dancers who are artists in Nigeria.


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