How To Date A Nigerian Girl


Sometimes it can be quite tricky for any man to date a Nigerian lady. Especially if the man is not from Nigeria.

That is why one of the few issues bothering a Nigerian young male is how to perfectly handle a Nigerian lady.

Whether you are dating a cultured, modern, conservative or an open-minded Nigerian woman note that like every other woman in the globe, a Nigerian lady wants nothing short of the best.

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Basically in this article, I will be sharing with you most of the things you need to know how best to date a Nigerian lady including things you avoid while discussing with her.
Are you ready? Read on

As I have mentioned earlier, every woman wants the best for herself so also every Nigerian Nigerian.
This means that as a man you have to be ready to prove to her that you are simply the best amongst all others because you are likely not the only one who wants her attention and love.

First, to win the heart of a Nigerian lady, you need to be really confident. It’s just like you are about to contest in a tough game for a high price, your confidence level has to be high, you may eventually be the one who will go home with the prize or win today and lose to a better contestant tomorrow, women can be that way at times.

Until they are double sure you are the right person, your spot can be taken by another.

When a man walks up to a lady and starts stuttering, it’s a sign that he is probably scared of women generally or he’s simply not matured enough.

A Nigerian lady wants a man who can prove to her that he is matured enough so when she sees any iota of inferiority complex or immaturity, she is most likely going to ignore that kind of person.

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Approach her with confidence and a good level of maturity and make your intentions known.

So confidence and maturity are two essential keys to having a good relationship with a Nigerian woman.

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Pay For The Making Of Her Hair

Nigerian ladies often expect their men to pay for their hair dos.
After you must have gained her attention and temporary approval of dating, (temporary because she may later go with someone who is more matured and committed if you are not).

– This is another important point you should take seriously.


Although the Nigerian indigenous hairstyles are Shuku, Patewo, didi, and few others, nowadays, young Nigerian ladies will rather go for the more expensive hair styles like the Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Ghana weaving, and wigs because it is often believed that it makes them look more elegant.

Hardly will you find a modern Nigerian lady wear her natural hair
Meanwhile, these foreign hairstyles are not cheap to make, it requires a good amount of money and a Nigerian lady usually expects the man she is dating to take care of the bill, it may not happen always, but occasionally she may just want you to settle the bill.

Avoid Using Unnecessary Compliments

Be very careful not to use too many compliments for her, as much as a Nigerian lady wants to be appreciated, she may feel you are just been fake when you compliment her too much.

Sometimes when you use lots of unnecessary compliments for her, it appears to her like you are trying to cover up your timidity or shyness.

A Nigerian lady just like any other female in the world wants her man to be confident and appear strong enough that she can make boast of him to her friends, at the point where she introduces you to her friends, she most probably will expect you to interact well with her friends and leave behind a good memory of which her friends will always hail her for.

Meanwhile, on the topic of interaction with her friends, you have to know the kind of lady you are dealing with, if she is the type that gets jealous easily, you may not want to prolong your discussion with her friends.
Whichever way, whether you are having a long discussion or a short
One with her friends,make sure you give them reasons to believe that you are simply the perfect man for her.

Be Focused And Have Direction

No woman wants to get involved with a man who does not know what he is doing. So do you want her to respect you and probably see a reason to stay longer with you?
Have Direction and make sure you discuss it with her because no woman wants to go with a guy who does not have clarity about his personal life and future.

Follow Her To Her Religious Gathering If Invited

Generally, Nigerians are very religious and they try to apply their religious beliefs in almost every part of their lives.
She may come up with the idea of you paying a visit to her religious gathering, if you really want to make her happy, you may have to follow her to her church or mosque as the case may be.
Even if you are not a religious fanatic still try as much as possible to go with her and don’t be surprised if she starts introducing you to her friends, family and probably her pastor, it’s a proof that she really likes you.

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Hold Her Parent In High Esteem

If you are convinced that she is the perfect woman for you and you are actually ready to take your relationship with her to the next level, you have to hold her parent and relations in high regard.

Nigeria values respect a lot, much more if she is from the southwest part of Nigeria, the Yoruba expect you to prostrate when greeting them, and she is from other tribes learn a bit about their greeting style and culture generally, because her parent is like the major authority that can release her to you when you eventually want to have her for life.

Asides all these, learn to study your Nigerian girlfriend and know what she likes and dislikes.
Simply avoid the things she dislikes and keep doing the things she finds interesting.


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