How to date a Nigerian man


A relationship is a state where two persons are connected. This means putting your own desires before them.

When you’re loyal to someone, you take them into consideration when making both major and minor decisions. You work together in a relationship, and make space for one another in your life.

Men are unique sex created by God and they all have similar traits and characteristics. Dating people depends on your background, your culture, age, gender and life interests.

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is no universal rule and up to now, there is no way. There are a variety of shared characteristics that are considered beneficial to get a date and maintain an interest in you.

Nigerian men have a special approach to relationships, they shower their ladies with love and that’s why some of them are irresistible.

Most men have an open and free giving hand, their families are also very welcoming and accommodating.

However, I will give you special tips on how to date a Nigerian man.

How To Date A Nigerian Girl

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1. Have a genuine charm

For most people, expressions of undying love in the initial stages are frightening, because they suggest an unwelcome clinginess. Hold discussions enjoyable and exciting without resorting to romantic talks and lengthy dreams for the future.

2. Keep on showing interest

Send subtle hints to prove you would like to continue the romantic relationship. Let him realize how much you love getting to know him, and have a great time on that date. Also, be vigilant even with your words.


3. Suggest a place for a date

Do not hesitate to suggest a new spot or a new exciting idea if your first dates are going well and it seems there is more on their way. Moving out of the same environment and getting to know the guy better in a different environment, can be very helpful.

4. Suggest going on a double date

If your dates have gone extremely well and you see many others in your future, you may recommend that you go with your friends on a double date. This is a fantastic way to get your relationship transitioned into something more.

5. Remain calm

This doesn’t mean he’s going to finish something. That simply means he may not be as eager as you are for a stable relationship.

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t normally happen. Everyone has a different dating background and he may just need to take some time to gain confidence.

Having given you those tips, these are the key features Nigerian man want in a relationship;

  • Happiness
  • Approval
  • Commitment
  • Love
  • Care and attention
  • Sacrifice

These are what Nigerian men dislike in a relationship;

  • Change during the relationship to reveal your true color
  • Deceive them (this wouldn’t end well for you, avoid it)
  • Giving them divided attention, especially when on a date
  • Be non-committing or being irresponsible in a relationship
  • Disrespect their mother (This is kinda like a crime in Nigeria to commit to)

Finally, for you to be on a safer side I’ll tell you that most Nigerian men cheat! watch the signs when you start dating him. one is never enough for them.

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