Davido’s Net Worth 2021: Assets, Music & Endorsements


Davido is a Nigerian Musician whose real name is David Adedeji Adeleke, his father is a Nigerian billionaire. The internet population has always been interested in knowing Davido’s net worth and this isn’t surprising.

Being the son of a multi-billionaire and doubling as a celebrity will always leave people to be curious about your true worth. Ask me why people are so obsessed with Davido’s net worth and the truth is, I can’t give you a definite answer, it may be because certain people feel Davido is arrogant.

It may be because they like his music or just because some feel he brags too much or maybe because he has carved a niche for himself in music circles but one thing we all know is that Davido hasn’t been silent about his father’s billionaire status right from the inception of his music.

His self-styled album OBO simply means ‘Omo baba Olowo’( son of a rich man), which is the name of the hit track in the album and we also know that he once claimed that he had 30billion in his account.

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However what we don’t know is if that amount is in naira or in Kobo or maybe pounds sterling or dollars but what we do know is, if you have access to such money, you are bound to be respected even by those who don’t like you.

Davido’s net worth is rumored to be around $16million dollars but this is just mere hearsay as one can never rely on internet stories.

There is no doubt that he is a music label owner and that he is signed on to a foreign music label but insinuating that Davido is worth billions of Nigerian naira is a stretch taken too far.

I do not doubt that he is from a rich background but when one is able to separate his father’s wealth from what he (Davido) has earned from music, then one can truly know what the young man Davido himself is worth.


Let’s take a look at all his albums, what could Davido have made in terms of projected sales of those albums both in Nigeria and internationally?

How much could he have made in terms of downloads of his singles through digital platforms or otherwise? Let’s also ask, how much has Davido made from concerts both in Nigeria and outside? Then let’s deduct his PR expenses and we might arrive at a reasonable answer as regards his net worth.

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Many people have no idea the type of money that goes into public relations and all they believe is that Musicians make lots of money and that money is just stashed in bank accounts.

Musicians are people who live by the hour, they take fame seriously and they never joke with it because the moment an artiste slips and loses relevance, the cost of getting fame back is worth ten times the cost of maintaining the status quo or even magnifying it.

Davido might have made a lot of money but trust me, I don’t think he could have racked up 16million dollars as easily as that and that is because many people do not understand that the equivalent of $16million is almost N6billion.

It is one thing for wisdom to exist and it another for people to cherish it but I am one who knows that when a young man has as much as N6billion naira as his net worth, he can’t hide such stupendous wealth without being lavish in his ways.

Davido simply doesn’t cut out to be that dude that is that lavish with his wealth, he simply doesn’t seem like that person that has N3million to spend without blinking and please spare me the cliché that ‘he was born in wealth’ because being born with a silver spoon isn’t the same as owning the spoon.

Yoruba’s will tell you that the money a young man first makes, pushes him to the point of lavish misbehavior but Davido is just too calculated to be that dude that we will ascribe the status of a billionaire to.

He is the son of a billionaire no doubt and he is definitely a rich young chap, as at when last i check Davido’s net worth is estimated at $16 Million in 2019. But I am not one to buy the stories that touch that he is worth anything billion.


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