How to Delete Fiverr Account in 2022


This is a detailed guide for freelancers who work or provide services on Fiverr on how they can delete their Fiverr account on their own without much effort or stress.

With this guide you are a click away to knowing the step by step process of deleting your Fiverr account yourself without the help of anybody.

Many people for whatever reason may want to delete their Fiverr account reason being that they might not be making enough sales or no sales at all or they might have multiple accounts and want to delete one of the accounts.

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Before we dive into the process involves in deleting your Fiverr account, let’s take a look at what Fiverr is and the how Fiverr works, this will help those new to Fiverr in getting to know what Fiverr is and how Fiverr works.

Fiverr was founded in the year 2010 in Tel Aviv Isreal, it was founded by Micha Kuafman and Shai Wininger, the aim of the founder is to make Fiverr an online market place for freelancer to offer their service for a fee of minimum of $5 per job gig offered.

Fiverr provides both sellers and buyers opportunity to offer their services, a seller is on Fiverr to offer is expertise in form of skills to buyers for a fee while a buyer is on Fiverr to seek for sellers whom he would contract to help out with a job for a fee he would pay the seller.

Fiverr has over US$1.3 million gigs on its website, for those who don’t know what gig is, gig on Fiverr means jobs available on Fiverr, jobs or gigs created by seller.

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How to Use Fiverr involves three Simple Steps


  1. Signing up on Fiverr website with a valid email address, both the seller and buyer needs to sign up first before they can use their service
  2. After signing you now look for service by browsing a list of service on Fiverr catalogue, you can use their search engine on Fiverr to search for a seller or service category you want to look into.
  3. After finding the service you want the next thing is for you to place an order, before you place for your order on Fiverr for any gig, make sure you check the sellers page well, check the kind service he wants to offer to you, check is delivery rate, check other buyers review and also check the sellers level on Fiverr platform.

How to Create a Fiverr gig in Simple steps

For those who want to sell on Fiverr here is a simple step to create a gig on Fiverr.

  1. Sign up on Fiverr with your email address
  2. Create a profile picture
  3. Choose the category you want to sell in
  4. Craft a nice heading/title for your gig
  5. Write your gig description, what your gig entails
  6. Instruction to buyers
  7. Gig picture

How to Delete Your Fiverr Account

For Fiverr sellers, buyers and those who want to delete their Fiverr account here is a simple process for you to delete your account.

  1. Log in into your Fiverr account and click on your profile picture, after clicking on your profile picture you will see a drop down find settings from the drop down and click on settings
  2. After you click on settings another drop down appears choose Accounts
  3. After you have seen your account icon click on it
  4. After clicking on the account icon, it drops another icon from the dropped icon choose account deactivation
  5. Once you click on the account deactivation wait for a message from Fiverr
  6. Once you get a confirmation message, then you have successfully deleted your account.

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I hope you have gained a lot of info about deleting your Fiverr account? kindly share this info on your social media timeline.

If you have any suggestions kindly drop your suggestion in the comment section below.


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