Diamond and Fidelity Bank Cardless Withdrawal


Have you ever pictured a scenario where you were about to withdraw from an ATM and you suddenly realized that your debit card is not with you? Probably because you forgot it at home or you misplaced it.

I’m sure many have not only had this kind of imagination but it has happened to them in reality severally. This kind of situation can be so painful.

Diamond bank has created an avenue for its customers to enjoy easy access to ATM cash withdrawal, this feature is called Diamond Magic Cash.

It is meant to offer limitless access to Diamond Bank ATMs

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To withdraw cardless from your ATM, you are only required to provide your phone number( the one linked to your Diamond bank account).

Also, note that you have to be registered for this service in order to enjoy its benefits in full.

To Register,

Simply visit any branch of Diamond Bank or call the number 0700-300-0000 to speak with their representative.

After your registration, follow the steps below to use the Diamond Bank Withdrawal service

From the number you registered, send the text “ATM” to 30811, so you can generate a magic code of six digits.

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After this, locate any Diamond Bank ATM around you and choose the magic cash option.

Now input your registered phone number with the code +234 at the beginning of your number.

Then input your six-digit magic code which was sent to your phone

Now put your own 4 digit magic pin

Note that you only need to generate this pin when it’s your first transaction and you will likely need it later for other transactions.

Meanwhile, if you are instructed to Verify your pin, just input the 4 digits pin again and continue with your transaction.


Fidelity Cardless Withdrawal

Are you a Fidelity Bank customer who is presently looking for a way to get money from your Fidelity bank account without your debit card?

I will be sharing with you ways in which you can withdraw from your fidelity account without debit card

Human beings naturally forget even important things especially when one is rushing out of a place or when one’s mind is not settled.

So don’t feel terrible if you often forget your ATM card at home, you are not the only one in this, if you ask, you will find out that several other people make the same mistake.

That said, we have provided a good guide for you to follow in order to be able to withdraw with a debit card from your Fidelity Bank.

Note that not all ATMs have this cardless withdrawal feature, you may have to contact the bank’s office to know specific ATMs that have this feature.

To enjoy Diamond Bank cardless withdrawal which allows you to withdraw cash from specific ATMs without your debit card,

Request that a special code be sent from your bank to your phone through your bank’s mobile application.
It is this code that you will use at any specified ATM to access your cash withdrawal.

So now to the main course:
This is how to do your cash withdrawal from your Fidelity bank account without the use of ATM card.

First, you can set up your Fidelity cardless withdrawal by the use of USSD code

Dial the code
*770*8*with Amount#
After this, follow the instructions that will come up on your screen.

Make your OTP that is a One time pin

Now enter your pin so as to get a pay code straight from your Fidelity account

This code will be useful for your cash withdrawal.

Finally, locate a Fidelity Bank ATM, input your pay code
Enter your pin
Enter the amount you intend to withdraw and that’s it.


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