How to Download Jamb CBT Software in 2022


Today we focus on how to download Jamb CBT software in 2020. This information will be very useful to students preparing for Jamb examination. Joint admission matriculation examination referred to as Jamb is a unified exam written by students preparing to gain admission into the higher institution.

The exam is written in every state of federation for students preparing to gain admission into the university and polytechnics to study their various course of choice.

Jamb is the only recognized examination for students who desire to study in any university and polytechnic of their choice in Nigeria. The exam is recognized by the national university commission of the country, this is a body that regulates the university and accreditation of courses in various universities in the country.

Over the years students have found it hard to get relevant materials to prepare for their exams, must materials available to students are not even compiled properly this has made it hard for students to have a good preparation and as a result affected their performance in the exams with must students scoring below the various cut off mark set by their universities of choice or polytechnic of choice with exemption to few brilliant ones among that manage to score above their cut off mark.

But in general, the lack of proper material as really affected the outcome of most of the students that sit for these exams. As a result of the lack of study material by students who want to sit for the jamb exams and the poor results being scored by them gave birth to the computer-based testing practice exam for jamb students known as Jamb CBT Software.

The Jamb CBT software is a must-have software for all Jamb students and all those who want to prepare for the Jamb Exam.

The Jamb Cbt software is a software made off several jamb past questions being compiled in a single software and can be accessed by all students. The software comprises of all past questions and answers to all their questions, it consists of over 20,000 past question that students can easily lay their hands on and use it to practice for their exams. You can now see that this software is a must-have for all students who desire to do well and get a high score in the jamb exam.

The CBT software is computer-based testing software that comprises of all the subjects students intend to sit for in their jamb exam, it comprises of subjects like mathematics, English, biology, physics, chemistry, commerce, accounts, bookkeeping, economics, government, geography, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, and several other subjects.

Before we get down on how you will get access to this testing software called Jamb CBT software, let’s quickly look at how the CBT software works so you can understand the functionality of the software when practicing.

The software works just like you are taking the real Jamb exam the only difference is a practice software that prepares you on how to write the exam, the first thing you need to sign into the software once you download it on your computer or phone, once you sign in it will generate random testing CBT questions for you to practice with from any subject of your choice and the question it will generate will come from jamb past questions.

Once it generates the question it will time you and once you are finished it will mark and score you immediately and once you have finished with the test it will generate a performance sheet where you will see your performance.

Benefits of Using the Jamb CBT Software

  1. All you have to do is activate the software, you are not paying for any subscription
  2. You will have access to over 20,000 test practice question to practice with
  3. You will have access to the software 24/7 it does not expire
  4. It contains all topics covered in the syllabus and you can practice topic by topic
  5. You will have access to all the prescribe literature text for your practice
  6. The software contains inbuilt software
  7. You can practice all your four subjects’ combination at a time while using the software
  8. You can also have fun while practicing because it gives you access to fun educational games
  9. It will give you in-depth result analysis for your performance

Steps to Download JAMB CBT Software

  1. Simply log on to google play store from you app
  2. Once you log on into play store search for Jamb Cbt software
  3. Once it brings out the software from the search, you quickly download it on your device

You can do the search by combining the following keywords to search

  • Jamb cbt software
  • Jamb cbt past question and answers
  • Jamb cbt practice question.

Here you have it how to download the Jamb cbt software for prospective students who want to have access to practice questions and remember it’s free software, you get access to it by downloading it once. Kindly help shares with your social media network and if you have any suggestions please drop your comments below.


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