Drake’s Tour to Africa 2021: To Visit Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa


Drake will tour Nigeria and other countries on the continent of Africa in March 2020, the Canadian Grammy award singer in a six-city tour will be visiting South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and other countries.

The American Grammy-award rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, announced his scheduled visits to Nigeria as part of his six-day African tour.

Cardi B, Future and Megan The Stallion can’t get enough of the beauty and cultural heritage of Africa and can’t stop telling the tales of it. Only a few days ago, Lil Wayne said he’d want to also visit Nigeria, Drake chose to join the musicians on the African continent.

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The Grammy-winning musician is will spend a total of 6 days in Africa visiting Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. He will visit three cities in South Africa, two cities in Nigeria one city in Ghana.

Three concerts in three different cities are planned in South Africa. The kid hip hop actor turned rapper will also hold concerts in two locations in Nigeria while he will be staging one concert in Ghana.

Before coming to Ghana and then Nigeria, he will play in South Africa.

He will be visiting three cities in South Africa, two in Nigeria, and visiting one city in Ghana according to the below schedules:


  • South Africa (Johannesburg) on March 18, 2020
  • South Africa (Durban) on March 20, 2020
  • South Africa (Cape Town) on March 22, 2020
  • Ghana (Accra) on March 27, 2020
  • Nigeria (Lagos) on March 29, 2020
  • Nigeria (Abuja) March 30, 2020

Drake’s Africa Tour Ticket Prices

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South Africa & Ghana

General tickets and silver tickets for $40 and $55 are sold in Ghana and South Africa. Tickets for $130 are available in the Golden Circle as well as $225 in the VIP tickets. The VIP+ and VIP premiere will cost respectively $700 and $1250.


General tickets in Nigeria are $38 and silver tickets are $55. Tickets sold at $135 and $225 are for the Golden Circle and the VIP tickets respectively. The VIP plus and the VIP premiere will be $700 and $1250 respectively.

But this is not the first deal Drake has with the Nigerians. Some time ago, he and a colleague Swae Lee worked on a new song called Won’t Be Late.

The track that was produced by the Tekno, a popular Nigeria singer,  the track attracts several public reactions in Nigeria after Drake used words like “ikebe” and “bakasi” in the song, which are very popular street lingos in Nigeria.


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