How to Make Edikang Ikong Soup


This is a well-prepared cooking guide on How to Make Edikang Ikong Soup. Learn how to make one of Nigeria’s finest local soup popularly called Edikang Ikong soup.

Edikang Ikong is a native vegetable soup popular among our brothers from the south namely Akwa Ibom and the cross-River state of Nigeria.

Edikang Ikong is a nutritious vegetable soup that is prepared with lots of vegetables and assorted meat. Edikang Ikong can be prepared with two different kinds of vegetables namely Ikong Ubong/Ugwu leaves and Water leaves.

Recipe to Make Edikang Ikong Soup

  1. 1kg pumpkin leaves (Ugwu)
  2. 200g of water
  3. 600g Assorted meat{beef, chicken, turkey, cow-tail, snail, crab, cow skin)
  4. Pepper, salt and crayfish
  5. 100ml of palm oil
  6. 2 medium onions
  7. Stockfish
  8. Smoked fish
  9. Periwinkles
  10. 1 onion
  11. 2 cubes of Maggi

 DO This Before you Set Out to Cook Your Soup

Before you set out to cook your edikang ikong soup, please do the following first.

  • Wash your pumpkin leaves/ugwu leaves thoroughly, after wash you cut your vegatables into small pieces.
  • Make sure you cut your beef to your desired size and cook for like 30 minutes also make sure you cook your dry fish.
  • Cook them with 1 bulb of onion,2 cube of maggi if you like you can add spices to give you a good aroma and taste.

How to Cook Edikang Ikong Soup

We will go through some of the easiest ways to cook Edikang Ikong Soup, the process of cooking the soup is very simple and you can equally prepare you best delicacies on your own without any supervision.

Now lets go straight into how to cook Edikang Ikong Soup.

  1. Put your goat meat, beef and stockfish into the pot, add 3 cups of water into the pot and boil for 30 minutes.
  2. After 25 minutes of cooking your meat add your ponmo, smoked fish, crayfish into the same pot with your already cooked meat, this will give a nice smelling aroma.
  3. When they are done, let it remain on fire, then add 2 spoon full of red palm oil into the pot and let it boil properly.
  4. When you have added your spoon full of red oil and you have boiled it with the meat for like 5 minutes, then add blended and grinded pepper and other spice you like into it, to give you your desired taste.
  5. Add your water leaves into the pot containing the already cooked assorted meat and leave for about 5 minutes
  6. Add your cray fish and stir together.
  7. Add your ugwu leaves and stir and allow to cook for about 5 minutes.


You can also use other varieties of vegetables to cook the edikiang ikong soup if you can’t get the pumpkin leaves and ugwu leaves.

The process still remains the same the only different is the kind of vegetables being used to cook your edikiang ikong soup.

Now you can comfortable prepare your edikaing ikong soup without any hitch, the soup is best eaten with Garri, Semolina and Pounded Yam.


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