How to make Efo Riro Soup with tomatoes


Easy Way Of Making Efo Riro

Have you been finding it hard to make a delicious efo riro due to a lack of proper guide? In this article, I will be sharing with you simple steps on how to make a delicious pot of Efo riro with low budget.

In the Yoruba land, efo riro ( spinach soup) is the major vegetable soup amongst all others as Edikang Ikong soup is for the Calabar people. On a true Yoruba menu list, you will always find efo riro there.

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For clarification, the term Eforiro simply means Stirred vegetables. You will get a better understanding as we proceed.

Recipes For Efo Riro

  • Get two whole bunches of Efo soko also known as Spinach leaf.
  • Also, get 5 pieces of red pepper (Ata rodo)
  • Then, get 3 pieces of Red bell pepper also called Tatashe
  • If you like, you can also get 2 pieces of tomatoes.
  • You will also need blended crayfish at least 2 tablespoons.
  • Get Assorted meat or simply cow meat depending on your budget.
  • Get good size ponmo also called cow skin at least 4 pieces.
  • 4 pieces of Cowskin (ponmo)
  • Palm oil in small quantity
  • Fish; preferably shawa smoked fish.

Other things which you will need are:

  • Medium-sized onions 3 bulbs
  • Stockfish which is dry
  • Garlic
  • Seasoning Cubes.
  • Salt.

Guides On How To Prepare Efo Riro

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Follow me as I show you how to prepare your ego riro in few steps:

First, blend one onion bulb along with tomatoes, garlic, red bell pepper(tatashe) and red pepper (Ata rodo), and put them aside after blending.


Also, season all the assorted meat and stockfish with adequate salt, one seasoning cube, chopped onions and boil until they are soft.

You will note that the smoked fish is dry and tough, so first wash it with warm water to clean any dirt in it, then put the smoked fish into the meat and stockfish you are boiling on the heat so that the smoked fish can absorb some flavor from the stock.

Now, rinse the locust beans: when doing this, make sure you don’t soak it in water for long, as a matter of fact, if the locust beans is really fresh you don’t need to rinse it so much, light rinsing is ok so that it doesn’t lose flavor. As soon as you’re done with this, slice your onions and put aside also.

Cooking Stage.
Pour your palm oil into a pot and place on heat, fry the sliced onions for some seconds, don’t let it get burnt.
Now put in the locust beans you have cleaned previously, pour the pepper mix you have blended before into the oil, fry until the mixture becomes thick.

As soon as it is thick, pour in the ponmo, blended crayfish, and assorted meat into the pot, add the meat stock in small quantity and stir, do not add the Smoked/ dried fish yet.

Note that you are to add just 5 tables spoons of the stock into the sauce in order to prevent the soup from getting watery.

Also, you may have to reduce the heat from the burner so that the meat you have poured in can take in the sauce properly. So I will advise you to cook this for 5 minutes or 7 minutes on low heat. Just make sure the sauce doesn’t get burnt.

Just before we proceed to the final stage, taste the sauce now to see if the taste is balanced, if it is, then you don’t need to add more salt or seasoning cube, but if not, carefully add a little more salt and seasoning cube for proper taste.

Final Stage

Pour in the Spinach leaf ( which you have properly sliced) and the dried fish, the reason why I didn’t tell you to put in the dry fish before now is so that it doesn’t break to pieces.

As soon as you have added your vegetables, put the burner in low heat, and don’t let the vegetable cook for too long so as not to lose the nutritional value. Cook for a few minutes and put off the heat.

Your Efo Riro is ready to be served, you can serve with pounded yam, Amala, rice or any other swallow.


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