Electricity Safety Tips During Rainy Season


We are all aware that the rainy season comes with lots of unpredictable events so it is very important that we keep to certain safety measures as we approach the rainy season.

Especially concerning electrical appliances, equipment, and objects as we all know that the season comes with increased rainfall, increased flood, thunderstorm and high winds.

Due to the fact that water is a good conductor of electrical energy, this season often comes with a high tendency of accidents.

So this is why we all need to take note of certain measures we can take in order to avoid accidents in this rainy season.

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Some of these measures are:

First, try as much as possible to distant yourself and your loved ones from powerlines during storms.

If possible stay 10 feet away from any powerline around you because naturally, the human body is a ready-made conductor of electricity.

While moving away, make sure you take your steps slowly one after the other and keep your feet as close to the ground as possible to avoid any form of electrical shock.

Secondly, do not try to do any electrical work if you are not a professional electrical engineer and if it’s a must, try not to do it under the rain.

Do not touch any electrical instrument with your hands wet or bare feet. Be very cautious whenever you have to work on electrical appliances that are close to the water and if you have put any electrical instrument or appliance in water, make sure you dry or discard it..

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Other measures include:

Do not place your hands on any tree or plant that is close to a powerline. Do not attempt to touch damaged electrical equipment.

Don’t involve yourself in any illegal electrical connection or extension deals. If you find any damaged public electrical equipment, make sure you report this to the public electrical company close to you.

Do not try to liberate anyone who already has contact with an electrical powerline rather report the case immediately to any public electrical office around you.

Do not drive your car on any fallen electrical pole.

Do not raise with your hands any fallen electrical pole.

Do not lift with your hands any powerline that is lying low, run away from it.

Do not go over or jump over any fallen electrical pole.

If you are inside a car that has contact with a fallen electrical pole or powerline, make sure you remain inside the car and carefully instruct those around you not to touch the car but as soon as the car starts burning quickly and carefully jump out without having contact with any metal on the body of the car or around it.

When you notice there’s a fallen electrical pole in a place, quickly restrict movements from that area so as to avoid an accident.
While doing that, call the attention of any public electrical office around to fix the problem.

Taking heed to these measures will help greatly in averting troubles that usually come with the rainy season.


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