Exposing the Masked Face behind the Continuous Crisis in Idumuje-Ugboko


…..as Asia Eze denies the purported audio.

By Mike Okolo

Always remember that when a man is growing in influence, popularity and acceptability, some other powerful people will see him as a threat to their interests. Some of the more unscrupulous may seek to neutralize or rubbish whatever effort such a man is putting that attracted such level of influence and love for him by the people by using some classic methods known across history that dates back to biblical times. One of the most basic ancient techniques has been entrapment and blackmail.

The pertinent question this writer is asking; how has success and love for one’s people attracted “roster of enemies”? Who and who does not want the development of the people to thrive?

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It’s no longer news that the Idumuje- ugboko, a peaceful community in Delta State until recently, a community that has become the envy of others because of the giant strides made by her illustrious sons and daughters has now become a reference point for crisis. A crisis that was clearly avoidable if not for envy, bitterness and ego.

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It’s on record that series of effort has been made to put an end to what started like a little misunderstanding among brothers until outsiders and external influences fuelled it to the boiling point it has exceeded today. The consequences so far recorded does not serve the interest of anybody rather it has slowed down the development of the community.


The most recent and dangerous dimension the crisis has taken was the deployment of blackmail by persons who ordinarily should be leading and initiating processes for lasting peace and unity.


Notably, when traditional rulers in Delta State led by the Obi of Owa intervened by engaging parties involved in series of meetings, resolutions were reached and a peace deal was signed by all for prompt implementation. Instead of a follow up to be done immediately, one Azuka Jebose was recruited to act as a hindrance to that sincere process.

Azuka Jebose used the social media as a “citadel of falsehood and blackmail” to truncate and destroy efforts so far made. In most of his posts on the social media, he mindlessly blackmailed, abused and wrongly accused institutions such as the Nigerian police, judiciary and traditional rulers. Those matters are being attended to by those concerned.


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My first observation when I started reading from Azuka Jebose on the social media was that this young man was hired for a dangerous mission and that has been my comment in all his posts. Somebody briefed him and they agreed on terms before Azuka deployed his writing skills for the job that later attracted some misguided and uninformed support from the social media community. He made series of damaging posts that were unverifiable and absolute falsehood against relevant authorities, institutions and persons that were saddled with responsibility of bringing lasting solution to a beleaguered community.

The  numerous phone conversation between Azuka Jebose and one Gabriel Ogbechie became public knowledge recently, where about 183 voice calls were made between them and vital evidences extracted which has aided the law enforcement agencies in their investigations.


Realizing that the game was no longer in his favour and in a move likened to the last kick of a dying horse, the serial blackmailer entered into a wrong hand by trying to induce on Mr. Asia Eze against Ned Nwoko. He made offers to Asia Eze through numerous chats and voice calls but Asia was consistent in telling him that he was on a fruitless mission because  Ned Nwoko was never involved in any of the issues and allegations raised. His offers were rejected but he never relented.

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As his evil machination and desperation keeps pushing him, he went and doctored an audio and made public where he claimed that Asia Eze made some incriminating statements against Ned. In that same doctored audio record, he mentioned names of people who are not even close to Ned neither have they visited Ned since the crisis started. Few hours after the doctored audio went viral, Asia Eze responded through an audio message that he never spoke to Azuka Jebose inline with the claims he made and went ahead to release his authentic audio conversation with the blackmailer and the payslip that Azuka Jebose used to transfer money to him. In that audio which is part of this piece, Azuka Jebose was begging Asia Eze to aid him to destroy Ned by saying things that never happened which Asia refused to do.

Armed with the details of how far Azuka could go just to destroy a man whose singular offense was his commitment to the development of his community and upliftment of humanity in general, it has become necessary for us to ignore Azuka Jebose. His interest in the crisis is self serving, peace and unity of Idumuje Ugboko is not in his agenda. The longer the crisis the more money he is making from Gabriel Ogbechie.


Azuka Jebose arrogated so much powers to Ned Nwoko when he claimed that Ned orders the police and judiciary to act on his instructions, not even President Buhari has such absolute power.


At different levels in the course of this imbroglio, Ned Nwoko has been investigated by agencies, panel and commission of enquiry set up but NONE found Ned wanting. Each time Ned Nwoko gets a clean bill of health by any relevant authority or body, Azuka goes to the social media to allege that Ned bought them over. I keep asking, is Ned that powerful?


The last time I checked, Ned is not more powerful and connected that most high profile Nigerians that have been investigated, indicted and prosecuted. If he was involved in any of the acts that Azuka Jebose accused him of, certainly the law will not protect him.


Azuka Jebose, the self acclaimed lover of humanity has no single record of who he has helped to pay school fees in his kindred nor settle hospital bills. Ned Nwoko that he demonizes on daily basis has used his hard earned resources to uplift and save lives. A man with such heart cannot be said to engage in any act that can take human life, no way!


If I may agree that Ned is a party to the prosecution of those that murdered the “Okada man” at the palace, then it should be seen as part of his commitment to the protection of lives of the ordinary people. No reasonable human being will support the cover up of such heinous crime irrespective of who the victim is. Therefore, if Azuka Jebose wants to gag Ned to stop the prosecution of those that killed the young man, then Azuka is a also a killer for supporting the killing of an innocent young man. Besides, Ned has no such powers neither is he even a party to the issues in court. The deceased came from a family and the family reserve every right to know how their son was killed.


The roles so far played by Ned towards peace in that community is on record. He has always made himself available for peace meetings while those that hired Azuka shunned as many. He has visited the palace to meet with Prince Chukwunonso  but was painfully turned down. Who then is more committed to peace?

Instead of Azuka Jebose to act responsibly by joining hands with well meaning individuals to finding a lasting solution to the crisis, he chose to do otherwise just to satisfy his selfish desire.

Asia Eze rightly counseled Azuka that he who destroy others to live will in turn face destruction. I wish Azuka Jebose would yield to that wise counsel and turn a new leaf.



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  1. Sen Rich Kay says

    Azuka Jebose is a hireling, he knows the truth but must bend it because of his paymasters biddings.

    Ned has always remained clean
    Thanks for this

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