Top 10 most famous female bodybuilders in the world


There is something about pumped muscles that you need to know, they hardly about a svelte, gentle and slim body.

In recent times, the sports world has experienced more influx of brilliant and intelligent female performers, most interestingly, they are engaging in the types of sporting events that te society has considered exclusively masculine.

We are looking in the direction of Exceptional female bodybuilders in this post, Who are these beauty bodybuilders? What are some things you need to know about them and how they achieve their bodybuilding feats?

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Grab a popcorn as I unveil to you, some of the finest female bodybuilders in the world.

10. Bahar Nabiyeva

Bahar Nabiyeva

In the city of Dnipro lives a wonderful girl, which recently began to talk outside of his native Ukraine. Its goal is to bring its body to the intended forms.

An example for her are Eva Andressa and Graziana Barbosa. Many are sure that the dream of the athlete will come true, because she is persistent and hardworking.

9. Abbott’s Christmas

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Abbott's Christmas

Since childhood, Christmas has been familiar with sports. Her father is a famous wrestler and the girl absorbed the atmosphere of struggle.

The repair crew, where the physically trained girl worked, was happy to watch as she easily lifted heavy parts. Sport for her – an incentive and entertainment.

8. Juliet Bergman

Juliet Bergman

Her name is well known. The American athlete has won respect all over the world. Juliet has three victories in the Miss Olympia competition. Demonstrating her pumped-up body, she delights in telling fans how she was able to achieve such success.

He shares tips in a women’s magazine and helps young girls to understand the basics of bodybuilding.

7.  Nadia Nardi

Nadia Nardi


The Canadian bodybuilder has been playing her favorite sport for 15 years. In 2007, she managed to take the first place in the Canadian Championship. It should be noted that the athlete is more interested not in prizes, but in sports excitement, forcing daily training.

6. Tonya Knight

A familiar name that still inspires many women. Tonya is not just a bodybuilder and a charming woman.

She is a participant in gladiatorial battles and a courageous, purposeful personality. It is a pity that because of a serious injury she had to leave the sport, but the name Tony Knight is always on the lips of fans of a beautiful and strong body.

5. Betty Pariso

Betty Pariso

She is a well-known athlete, continuing intensive training (up to 54 years). For this age, her occupation is a real feat and a role model. In addition to sports Betty took place as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Now the bodybuilder is 61 years old and the body, as it should be, in excellent sports form.

4. Rosemary Jennings

Rosemary Jennings

Ever since childhood, Rosemary realized that sport is an integral part of her life. Bodybuilding interested a serious girl so much that the hobby grew into purposeful activity. Her achievements in sports are known all over the world.

3. Kim Chijeski

The American athlete achieved her success at the beginning of her career. She had no idea that acrobatics would be the starting point.

Literally, for three years a passionate girl showed incredible results in bodybuilding. After the birth of the children, the training had to be left. But Kim stayed in the thick of things, organizing sports competitions.

2. Claudia Piras

Brazilian athlete does not pay attention to her age, because she can not live a day without bodybuilding. Her perseverance can be envied. Claudia’s ideal figure is the result of daily training over the years.

1. Nicole Bass-Faches

Nicole can never be forgotten by her massive enthusiastic fans. The pursued with utmost passion the desire to be the best and that alone led Nicole into becoming a professional bodybuilder.

However, in her youth, she aspired to become an actress. Later, after she rose to prominence, she was handed some major acting roles in several movies. She was shortlived by a heart attack and passed on at the age of 52 years.

All these muscular women are engaged in the favorite thing, so confident and happy. Due to their perseverance, they have reached a high bar and proved to society and fans that bodybuilding is not only a thing for the men’s world.


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