10 Fastest Growing Business Ideas In Nigeria 2021


In this stage of Nigerian economy. One will have to venture into a profitable venture.
Here it is not doing business for business’ sake. But doing it for its sustainability and

Here I will talk about businesses that have the future and can grow. In it, if one is focused and have vision, then you will do well.

And also with proper preparation, equipment and support the sky wouldn’t be your limit. You will just soar above it. With this, I had to you the 10 fastest growing business ideas in Nigeria.

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List Of Fast Growing Business Ideas Here

1. Haulage services

This is under transportation. It is the business of carrying or moving goods by road, rail, or ship.

Haulage services is fast-moving. If you venture into it.It would take long to succeed. Trades transport goods like fruits banana, Cucumber, watermelon. Foods like plantain and yam.

Also, people move various things/such as shoes for sale, Cloths and textile materials in large quantities. You can be at their services, Just get a cab,Lorry, heavy-duty Trucks and you are off to work.

2.Private Security Business

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If you can form a company that can offer private security services. Then you are in for a
big deal.

Today people are not satisfied with ones offered by the government. Thereby, they look forward to the private ones. People still go to private security to protect lives and properties.

3.Agricultural Business

Agriculture is the main thing. Yes, I say this because as we always eat, it will never
fade. It will continue to grow. Farming and livestock production are very good. Currently in Nigeria.

If you can go into farming with government support. Then you will make it. The government can support with a grant, loan or even fertilizer.

Things you can farm include Onions, Tomatoes, Rice, cassava, pepper and many more. And you can even plant yam, cotton, Timber and Cocoa. This can be used locally or exported for foreign exchange.

Again, you can go into livestock production. Things like poultry- chicks, broilers, and layers to make your dough, And what about the rearing of goats, cows, Pigs. dogs, grass-cutter and so on.

A piggery in Agriculture is good and can make you rich within a year plus.

4. Online Business

With the way digitization is going now. Online business is fast growing. The world is going
digital Nigeria is no exception. Businesses like blogging, bulk SMS sales, web development web designing and management.

Things like programming and coding. And also online shopping and woo-commerce. E-commerce, And in online business, blogging is fast-moving. It is something that you have to give some time and nurse before it will pay off.

You write articles or news and publish. It all depends on your niche. You can sell advert space on your blog and make. That is if you start having huge traffic. One can still monetize with Google AdSense. Affiliate marketing also pays.

In all, you can also make videos and upload on YouTube, monetize and enjoy your money,

Also data entry, development of Apps. Virtually, everything is done online now.
So you can make it in the fast-growing internet business.

5.Exportation Business


Export could bring foreign exchange to Nigeria. But that is by the way. What I know is that
it’s fast-growing.

And worth venturing into. Export can make you rich, Some products that you can export include Cassava, gall stone, bitter Kola, Cotton, Cocoa, red oil etc

If you can get the right contact and go for exportation training and course, then you are in
for the big thing.

6. Waste Management services

Can you Ignore everything and pride and go for waste management? People that are into it smile to the bank every day for their sweat.

You can form a company that uses cab to collect and dispose of refuse. And even sewage disposal with a cab container is a big thing that pays well.

7.An alternative source of energy and electricity

The electricity situation in Nigeria is saddening. People need the power to carry out their
daily businesses. And also for pleasure and enjoyment.

Now if you can provide inverter and solar energy then you will make sales. And what about
standby Generators. then you will see your business grow.  Energy and electricity is among the 10 fast-growing business ideas in Nigeria

8.Manufacturing and production services.

This area will also grow. People consume a lot of things everyday, What do you think you can make?

Can you produce tablet soap or liquid soap? What about detergents? Table water and sachet – pure water, I mean a household items that people use every day.

If you can lay your hand on production, then you are a big man. This is just to mention. There are many things to manufacture.

9.Facilities Maintenance services

You can form a private company that can maintain properties for people. And they can also maintain facilities too.

Today people build houses, buildings, companies, factories, This is also among the 10 fast-growing business in Nigeria.

Then if your company can maintain it for them. It is a big business and the future is bright.

10. Real estate services

There are a lot of things to gain from real estate.  Yes, real estate is among the 10 fast-growing business ideas in Nigeria 2020.

The future is good, It is always growing in the developed world and in developing countries like Nigeria.

Here you can buy land and wait for it to appreciate in price then you sell. You can also build estate, houses, and sale. Again one can still build and lease out for a certain period and amount.

Houses are being built every day and lands sold, This business fetches huge money a lot.
And you can also become a real estate agent, Here you help sell properties and get a commission. About 10% commission.

This is a fast-growing business to join. The above mentioned are the 10 fast-moving business ideas in Nigeria 2020. Maybe you would like to try any of them. Definitely it is going to pay.

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