Fidelity Bank Airtime & Data Recharge Code


Good news to all fidelity bank account holder, in this write up we will be showing you how to buy
airtime direct from your bank account. A lot of question has come up as regards those who want to
know if it is possible to buy airtime from there bank account, the answer is yes you can purchase
airtime from your bank account.

And with fidelity bank the process of buying airtime from your bank account is very simple and
straightforward. Before we dive into it like I know must of you reading will want to know how you
can purchase airtime from your account, let’s look briefly the journey of fidelity bank in Nigeria.

Fidelity happens to be one of the foremost commercial bank licensed to perform banking operations in Nigeria and it has several branches spread across the country. Fidelity bank was incorporated fully in 1987 and started banking operations fully the following year which happens to be 1988, the bank started as a merchant bank but converted fully to a full fledge commercial bank in the year 1999.

The bank began to grow and expand, and in the year 2001 exactly February 2001 it obtained
international banking license and also universal banking license. Due to is vision of growth and
expansion in the year 2005 during the Nigeria Banking Consolidation period the bank acquired two
banks namely FSB international bank and Manny bank plc.

Fidelity bank has been able establish itself has one of the most financial stable bank, and it’s among
the most capitalize bank we have in the country with over USD 1 billion tier one capital. Currently the bank has many network of interconnected branches spread across the country in different states of the federation. The bank has about 250 branches and 774 ATM points across the country.

Brief Fact about the Bank According to Wikipedia

Type Public
Industry Financial Services
Founded 1988
Headquarters Lagos State, Nigeria
Key Mustafa Chike-Obi (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer)
Products Loans, Credit Cards. Savings, Investments, Mortgages
Total Assets US$4.2 billion (NGN:1.4+trillion) (2017)

The bank perform several function such as:
Retail banking operation where you can open bank accounts of your choice, some of the bank account
you can open includes the following:

 Opening of savings account
 Opening of current account
 Consumer Loans
 Diaspora Banking
 Money Account

They also provide business advisory service, organise SME forums and also provide short term loans.

Having looked at a brief history about the bank, let’s look at how to purchase airtime from your
fidelity bank account. Before you can use this service you must have the following requirement:

1. You must have an account with the bank

2. You must have phone number registered to the bank account

3. The service is open to mobile network holders such as MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, GLO

4. Daily airtime transaction is pegged at #20,000 daily, you can’t do above #20,000

5. The service is available 24/7 you need not fear when you can use the service, because you can
use the service daily.

6. You can perform the transaction from anywhere even if you are outside the country.

Steps to Purchase Airtime from your Account

 Dial *770*AMOUNT#
 Once you dial you click send
 Note this can be done from any phone
 This method is when you want to recharge your personal number
When you want to recharge for family and friends follow the following process

The recharge will only be possible on registered number linked to your bank account.
If you have any issue you can reach them through there self and customer service on their website
or you contact them on;

Tel: 070034335489 (General inquiries)
09087989069 (Abroad)
Whatsapp: +2349030005252

Here you have it all you need to know about purchasing airtime from you fidelity bank account,
kindly help share with your social media network and if you have any suggestion please drop your
comments below.


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