Top 10 Websites to Get Freelancing Jobs in Nigeria (2021)


Despite the fact that some people find it hard to access freelance websites and jobs, Surprisingly, a lot of Nigerians still live as freelancers.

Interestingly, Nigerian freelancers are increasing every day, just as the quest for freelancers has increased.

There are two major reasons for this rise:

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First, Employees now work on various projects with freelancers; Also, several Persons have come to realise that freelance work is more rewarding than full-time jobs.

However, as a Nigerian you may have heard of some freelance websites that are not paying as much as expected.

Through the freelancing sites, we will be showing you here, you will get online freelance jobs or any other freelance jobs, work from home, and receive your payment.

What you need to do is register for free with a freelancing website to start working in the area of your niche.

Through this post we intend to help you find and search the various freelance sites to show how you can register with them and start getting your freelance work for them.

Freelancing Job Sites

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Now, let’s go to our list of top 10 freelancing sites.

1. Fiverr

On this platform, tasks and services start at $5 per job performed on a global online marketplace.

However, When you know how to increase your sales with Gig Extras, you can easily produce up to a hundred dollars a day.

This is one of the most popular freelance websites in Nigeria.

2. Upwork

This is another forum for freelancing in Nigeria. It is a global independent market where businesses and independent professionals can interact and collaborate.

The site was originally named Elance-oDesk and was rebranded in 2015.

This is a highly recommended site for beginners.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is a global market for crowdsourcing, enabling potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid for.

Freelancer establishes a platform to reach employers and staff.

The platform helps employers to post jobs for free. In reality, it collects and places all jobs on the internet. This platform is quite easy to search and access.

4: Guru


Freelancers of all kinds are able to find valuable jobs on Guru with over 3 million service offers.

The platform operates through a bidding system, in which freelancers must apply bids in response to customer jobs.

Guru also makes it easy for managers to connect with either freelancers or talent groups with a single and detailed dashboard, which streamlines all the project management activities, from signing payment agreements to exchanging work documents.

5. 99Design

Having more than 1 million freelancers, this can be considered the largest freelance graphic design website, offering its exclusive talent for entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses that need graphic design.

On this forum, Freelancers usually participate in design competitions to show their specific skills, to win prizes and to be compensated accordingly.

6. Toptal

Toptal is a freelance company, and as the name suggests, this platform only hires top talents.

A talented network of developers, designers, and financial experts from around the world are allowed to sign up with Toptal.

Toptal makes it easy for employers to find the freelancers they are searching for; their rigorous screening also makes it possible to pick only the most eligible applicants.

This platform also makes it possible for eligible Nigerians to register on the platform.

7. Contently

This is a high-quality agency-style platform which connects you directly to customers for very well-paid freelance writing projects when you’re selected by the account management team after you create a portfolio.

Since Contently is such an advanced platform, the writers can charge close to $100 per post.

8. DesignCrowd

VDesignCrowd is a custom design platform where businesses and organizations can make their designs come alive by crowdsourcing.

From creating company identity to graphic designs, DesignCrowd is a forum for designers around the globe to provide you with innovative ideas.

9. Yokebay

With more than 50 different job categories, Yokebay is another platform for great online freelance jobs that pay for every type of freelancer in Nigeria.

Social media marketers, Website designers, and even graphics designers can access the offers on this platform.

In addition, you can put up your own price for jobs.

10. Gigs

Just like most of Nigeria ‘s indigenous freelance websites, GigS Nigeria provides freelance work support,, ads, apps, and much more.

All clients and freelancers are tracked as easily as any other freelance website.

Interestingly, You can also do your work for as much as N100,000 at gigs in Nigeria.


  1. Peter Ukey Evan says

    So how do one get started

    1. Editorial says

      Learn the basics of making money online as a freelancer, then signup on these platforms to start sourcing for jobs.

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