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In today’s write up we would be looking at past questions and answers for recruitment into the FRSC, The FRSC stands for Federal Road Safety Corps.

Brief History of the FRSC

The FRSC was established in August, 1978 with the signing of FRSC Decree No. 7 of 1978 by former President Shehu Shagari . FRSC was established to ensure public safety on Nigerian roads and also reduce motor accidents through regular checking and maintenance of vehicles and driving proficiency tests.


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FRSC is headed by a Corps Marshal who is also the head of all uniformed services in Nigeria. The FRSC has its headquarters at Ikeja, Lagos State. In addition to these FRSC Headquarters, ALERT Units are strategically located at various parts of the country along major road networks as well as border posts/ports for quick deployment to accident sites nationwide within 24 hours against conventional time frame which takes up to 72 hours


The FRSC is Federal Government agency and they perform the following functions:

  1. Providing accident management at the scene of accidents, traffic monitoring and control.
  2. Providing security and escorting duties to VIPs, Government Ministers and other public officials within FRSC jurisdiction.
  3. FRSC Officers are responsible for issuing drivers licenses in Nigeria. FRSC licence is recognized by all states.
  4. FRSC officers are also involved in checking the issuance of licenses through their authorized licensing centres across the country which include motor parks/malls.


Process involved in renewal and issuance of driver’s license

FRSC also has a unit which handles driver’s license renewal called Driver’s License Renewal Units (DLRU). FRSC DLRUs processes applications from FRSC licensed drivers seeking renewal & issue FRSC DLRU card, vehicle inspection number & validity stickers. FRSC centres are normally located in FRSC Divisional Headquarters, FRSC ALERT Units and FRSC Zonal Headquarters. FRSC Driver’s License renewal fee is N2, 500


Recruitment Process into FRSC

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FRSC Recruitment Process: Recruitment into the FRSC involves five (5) stages which are:

  1. Stage one of FRSC recruitment involve screening of applicants to assess their abilities in writing skills by way of an aptitude test.
  2. Candidates who make it to stage two will be required to undergo a medical examination at accredited hospitals. Medical certificates will be issued to successful candidates for onward processing during this stage.
  3. Stage three involves physical fitness/facial appearance assessment for male applicants while women applicants would only go through physical fitness assessment.
  4. FRSC will conduct an interview for candidates who made it to this stage of FRSC recruitment.
  5. FRSC employs written exam to conclude FRSC recruitment screening process and successful candidates will be required to sign a FRSC bond before being placed on merit list which FRSC uses as a guide line during the final selection into the Corps.


Those who clear FRSC recruitment are issued with appointment letters and commence their National Youth Service (NYS) at FRSC training centres located in various parts of Nigeria for induction and orientation prior commencement of their NYS program.

FRSC Recruitment Requirements: Prior applying, Candidate must have attained one of the following qualifications:

  1. West African Senior School Examination (WASSCE) Certificate.
  2. FRSC requires applicants to have at least five (5) O’level credits which include English Language , Mathematics, Physics and any other three subjects added to the core four at not more than two sittings.


FRSC also require candidates applying for both Trades and Driver’s Licence issuance to possess O’level credit passes in Mathematics and any of the following: Fine Art/Technical Drawing, Technical Drawing with Physics or Chemistry, Technical Drawing with Physics and Biology, Social Studies with Economics, Geography with Commerce, Geography with History/Government or Geometry.


FRSC website also lists additional qualifications acceptable for FRSC recruitment into the FRSC such as National Diploma in applied Science (NDIS) with at least three (3) credits in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Physics as well as National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Certificate in Education and National Certificate of Education. FRSC recruitment requirements also include mastery of a second language. FRSC website lists French, Spanish, Italian and German among acceptable FRSC recruitment qualifications.


Having looked at the history and functions of FRSC, let’s now proceed to past questions and answers for prospective candidate seeking to enlist in the service of the FRSC.

The FRSC exam question covers three part namely English, Mathematics and Current affairs.

The following are some of the past questions and answers of the FRSC exams:



1) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – nullify

  1. aggravate
  2. establish
  3. transform
  4. invalidate

Answer: D

2) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – rebuke

  1. censure
  2. implore
  3. disparage
  4. denigrate

Answer: A

3) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – unpretentious

  1. realistic
  2. problematic
  3. pragmatic
  4. modest

Answer: D

4) Choose the word most similar in meaning to – applause

  1. evocation
  2. citation
  3. commendation
  4. acclaim

Answer: Option D

5) Choose the word most similar in meaning to -striated

  1. forgiving
  2. friendly
  3. lined
  4. urgent

Answer: Option C

6) Which word means- hard work; intense pain; toil

  1. acrimony
  2. rancour
  3. troth
  4. travail

Answer: Option D

7) Which word means- to merge; to combine; to unite

  1. amalgamate
  2. solidify
  3. exonerate
  4. evaporate

Answer: Option A

8) Which word means- disaster

  1. calumny
  2. calamity
  3. autocracy
  4. blow

Answer: Option B

9) Which word means- person who spends money extravagantly

  1. archetype
  2. wastrel
  3. miser
  4. epitome

Answer: Option B

10) Which word means- effect; final act or result; consequence

  1. upshot
  2. paradox
  3. closure
  4. hindsight

Answer: Option A


FRSC Past Questions And Answers ENGLISH CONTINUES

11) Which word means- official paper; deed; certificate

  1. act
  2. action
  3. document
  4. patron

Answer: Option C

12) Which word means-shackle; hindrance

  1. fetter
  2. closure
  3. knot
  4. tie

Answer: Option A

13) Which word means- nobility; fairness; generosity

  1. abstinence
  2. magnanimity
  3. parody
  4. affluence

Answer: Option B


FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers MATHEMATICS Excerpts

4) Anna bought $4,000 of company stock. She sold 75% of it when the value

doubled, and the remainder at four times the purchase price. What was her total?




  1. $6,750
  2. $6,000
  3. $6,500
  4. $5,000

Answer: C

Explanation: Anna sold 75% of her stock when it was worth $8000. So she took $6000 cash, leaving her with $2000 worth of stock, which she had purchased for $1000.When this stock increased in value to $4000 she sold it and added this to the first $6000 giving her $10,000 in cash. Subtracting the initial $4000 cost of the stock, Anna has made $6,000.


5) A total of 1600 copies of a CD were sold. 30% were sold at a 55% discount, 10% were sold at 30% discount and the remainder were sold at the full price of $7.95.

What was the approximate total revenue in dollars?


A.10, 369

  1. 10,569
  2. 10,569

D.10, 234

  1. 10,669

Answer: D

Explanation: Of the 1600 CDs sold:

60% or 960 were sold at $7.95 = $7632

10% or 160 were sold at $5.56 = $889

(30% or 480 were sold at $3.57 = $1713)

Therefore the total revenue was $10,234


6) Anna and John both receive stock as part of their remuneration. Anna

Receives $400worth plus a bonus of 12%. John receives $300 worth plus a bonus of 20%. What is the difference between the values of the two bonuses?

  1. $12.00
  2. $10.00
  3. $20.00
  4. $14.00
  5. $11.50

Answer: A

Explanation: Anna receives a bonus of ($400 * 0.12 =) $48.John receives a bonus of ($300 * 0.20 =) $60. The difference between their bonuses is, therefore, $12.


7) Components X, Y, and Z are ordered in the ratio 1:5:4. How many Z components will be in an order for 8000 components?

A.3, 200

B.1, 600

  1. 6,400
  2. 4,600
  3. 1,800

Answer: A

Explanation: The components are ordered in the ratio 1:5:4 and the total order is for 8,000.

To work out the numbers of each add 1+5+4 = 10.

Divide $8,000 by 10 = 800. You can then calculate that the number of Z

Components will be (800 * 4 =) 3,200.


8) A bank offers 10% per annum interest which is calculated and added at the end of the year. (Another bank offers 10% per annum which is calculated and added) every six months. What is the difference on a deposit of $800 after one year?

  1. $2.00
  2. $2.60
  3. $2.40
  4. $2.20
  5. $4.00

Answer: A

Explanation: At the bank paying 10% interest calculated each year, the amount will be $880 ($800 * 1.10) at the end of the first year. At the bank paying 10% per annum added every 6 months, the amount will be $840 ($800 * 1.05) at the end of the first six months and $882 ($840 * 1.05) at the end of the year. Therefore the difference will be $2.00.


9) It costs a manufacturer X dollars per component to make the first 500 components. All subsequent components cost X÷5 each. When X = $4.50 How much will it cost to manufacture 4,000 components?

  1. $5,600
  2. $4,600
  3. $5,400
  4. $5,200
  5. $5,450

Answer: C

Explanation: The first 500 components are $4.50 each which gives $2,250. The 3500 subsequent components cost $0.90 each which gives $3,150. Therefore the run of 4000 components will cost $5,400.


10) Identify the missing number.

2 6 44 8 10 15 19? 21 23

  1. 72
  2. 66
  3. 73
  4. 57
  5. 55

Answer: D

Explanation: The numbers on the bottom row are 13 more than those on the top row. Therefore the missing number is 44 + 13 = 57.

11) Identify the missing number

3 17 6 14 10 5 5 25? 7

  1. 13
  2. 12
  3. 25
  4. 17
  5. 3

Answer: A

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers CURRENT AFFAIRS Excerpts

1) Caesarean section is a process of giving birth to a baby by a woman through

  1. Labour
  2. Medication
  3. Oral therapy
  4. Operation

Answer: D

2) Urine contains urea, water and

  1. hydrogen
  2. sodium
  3. H20
  4. Salt

Answer: D

3) Parliamentary Filibuster strategy is a method of delaying decision in the parliament through

(a) Adjournment

(b) Long speech

(c) Physical combat

(d) Absenteeism

Answer: B


4) HIV/AIDS can be contracted through

  1. Sharing of clippers for barbing hair
  2. Hand shake
  3. Worshipping together
  4. Using the same plate to eat

Answer; A

5) Kerosene is a product refined from

  1. Petrol
  2. Petroleum Jelly
  3. Crude oil
  4. Plan oil

Answer: C

Here are some of the past questions and answers of the FRSC, kindly help share this article with your contacts you might be helping somebody out there, also help like and share this post.


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