50 Fun Things to Say to your Crush


We’ve collected some Fun Things to Say to Your Crush. It is often said that love is a beautiful thing, but love not expressed is like a fire that is kept indoors if care is not taken it can lead to a deep hurt.

A lot of people find it difficult to approach their crush due to shyness or lack of proper words to say.

If you find yourself in this situation or you know a friend who doesn’t know what to say to his or her crush.

Wooing a girl: sweetest things to Say to a girl

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Fun Things to Say to Your Crush

Below are beautiful ideas of words you can use to win the heart of your crush over or at least to let that special person have an hint of how you feel about him or her.

1. Just so you know and be expectant, you may be having a smart fat man in a blue suit coming to pick you up this season. You are definitely number one on my wishlist.

2. The closer I move to you, the more I keep falling for you. I can’t stop imagining how lovely it would be for me to see your face every day, really it will be mindblowing.

3. If I have to be anywhere with anyone, I would love to be in your arms, you are all that gives me joy.

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4. Truly I’m really shy, but I would rather overcome my shyness so as to speak with you than to go without hearing your unique voice.

5. Whenever I see you, something leaps and shivers inside of me, it’s usually as if your presence automatically controls my body.

6. Initially, I never accepted that there was anything called love at first sight but seeing you changed my perception entirely.

7. As each day passes by, the thought of you steadily dominates my mind and ever since I’ve known you, every minute has been full of joy for me.

8. Meeting you and hearing your love is like a dream come true for me, I can’t wait for you to become mine. So this dream can last forever.

9. No matter what happens to you, my joy is to always be by your side, seeing your lovely smile gives me great pleasure.

10. I sincerely wish that I become someone you can’t stop thinking of, and the one who can bring more sweetness to your heart more than everyone else.

11. Honestly, I don’t want to ever be without you because that’s a nightmare I fear the most.

12. Please don’t be angry at me for liking you so much, actually, it’s your fault, if being a super amazing woman is a career, you really would have become a professional now.

13. I can’t get to figure out why I have lost my mind, even my therapist is yet to know why, but then I later discovered that it’s all happening because of you. Really you drive me crazy.

14. If my voice will bring so much joy to your heart, then I will spend forever talking to you.

15. One of my biggest dreams is to gladden your heart forever, please permit me to start living my dream.

16. You actually took my attention, I just couldn’t resist taking note of your presence.

17. You know when you are near me, I lose every sense of focus on any other thing, the only one I want to attend to is you.

18. the sound of your voice alone is enough to make me go crazy plus your smile, that’s why it’s like I can’t control myself anymore.

19. Your look today was really amazing, I just couldn’t help but stare at you.

20. You don’t have to struggle to get a pass wherever you go, because beauty is displayed all over you.

21. Though I’m not a photographer with the power of imagination, I can actually picture us been together.

22. I’m putting on something precious you transferred to me today. It’s a smile.

23. Please, what time is it? I need to take note of the particular time I met the woman I have ever longed for.


24. Just when I thought my life was perfect without anyone else, then I met you, and now I can live my best days if you permit me.

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25. As long as you remain here, every other person looks bad, cos it seems you have the complete package of beauty in you. I hope you will not be asked to leave soon.

26. Been with you feels like I’m already in my pleasant future, please let it last.

27. I may not know exactly what tomorrow will look like, but I’m very sure, your presence will make the difference in my future.

28. Your uniqueness and beauty is not of this world, you are an alien right?

29. I never imagined that someone or anyone will make me feel this way.

30. You should know that I won’t chase after you forever, ultimately, you will stop moving so far away from my presence.

31. Anytime you step into the hall, it’s like all clock stops ticking, truly the only one that lives on my planet is you. I really hope it never ends.

32. Initially, I thought your presence only brings butterflies to my stomach, but now your smile and laughter makes me feel like a whole zoo resides inside of me.

33. Without a doubt, when we first met I could tell you are made just for me.

34. I do intend to make you smile not just for one day but forever.

35. I’m trying to imagine you and me together and it feels just perfect.

36. If asked to make a wish, I would really wish that you stay around me forever.

37. Of all the ladies I’ve met, you are the most amazing.

38. Your skins feel so soft that I think you were created on a special day.

39. Please do not attempt to change, cos you are perfect just the way you are.

40. You bring out that childish part of me whenever I’m with you cos you make me feel like your baby.

41. I can’t stand you getting hurt, much more seeing you cry.

42. Looking at your eyes strengthens my imaginative powers, feels like your eyes take me out of this world to a place where all that matters is you.

43. Your eyes are so explicit and lovely, I can’t just help but stare.

44. It feels like there are Butterflies within me, whenever you smile at me.

45. Whenever you stretch out your hand to shake me, I have goose pimples all over me.

46. Your beauty is so clean and pure, whenever I reach out to you, it feels like I’m going to stain you.

47. If there’s one thing I’m most grateful for in life, it’s definitely you.

48. The smoothness and softness in your hair whenever I run my hands through, is simply unexplainable.

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49. You create a lovely warmth in my heart whoever we hug.

50. I just can’t resist the joy I feel whenever I hug you goodbye.


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