How To get Loan From JumiaPay


You may have heard people talk about an application called Jumia. It also has a subsidiary called Jumia One.

The software is one of the best, most easy, and safe ways to compensate for your cable TV subscript, airtime recharges and payments.

How to access the program Jumia One and download the application. The Jumia One application can be downloaded on the play store.

This platform can provide you with timely loans that can easily benefit you or your business. You can get loan up to N30,000 from Jumia One Service. Everything you need to do is get started by installing the application.

Most people believe it not easy to get online Loans, but Jumia One here has made life so easy. Anything is possible with them.

Why Do You Have To Borrow From Jumia One?

  1. It does not take to much time to process the loan. You can submit quite quickly – No lengthy forms to fill out
  2. After clearance to access a loan on Jumia One, it takes only a few minutes to get the credit on your bank account.
  3. Jumia One did not treat people like strangers.
  4. Jumia One has no High-interest rates
  5. To Refund on Jumia One is really easy for a common man.

Jumia One also offers Many More Services

  1. You get 4 percent Airtime & Mobile Cashback Incentive whenever you make use of Jumia One for reachable!
  2. Gain an immediate discount of 4 percent as a cash back for all your recharges on airtime and cell phones, up to #2,500 naira on any purchase.

You can also Pay Up Your Utility Bills On Jumia One

Pay Utility bills such as your DStv, GOtv, Startime, Grin, Fast, Spectranet, and bills for power supply. And save 100 naira on each transaction. You can always Save #100 naira on every utility transaction you do.

Jumia One Gives You Easy Access to Smart Life And Enjoyment:

  1. Guaranteed smartphone charging incentive
  2. Savings on payment of bills
  3. Payment secure through bank account, debit or credit card: 100% secured and certified.

Jumia Pay Is Another Major Platform On Jumia. Let me but introduce this payment platform to you.

Jumia gives traders credit to raise sales.

Jumia also extended its product to provide loan offers to vendors on its platform through its own JumiaPay payment system.

Jumia Pay is one of the most popular payment solutions on the pan-African industry, including credit cards and cash distribution.

Jumia CEO Sacha Poignonnec says that the push to embrace JumiaPay is vital to the development of the market, and eventually the competitiveness of the company.

The NYSE-listed business reported operating losses for four consecutive years. It reported a loss of 66,7 million euros last fiscal year.

The roll-out in its Nigeria-Egypt-Kenye, Morocco-Ghana-Ivory Coast loan services offering small and medium-sized businesses creates an opportunity for sales to grow on markets that are one of the key causes of business closure due to a lack of credit.

On the site of the Jumia Group, the six markets are home to 81,000 active sellers.

Available loans go as high as double digits a month on many African markets, making facilities expensive and unattractive.

However, core markets such as Kenya and Nigeria have in the last one to two years begun experiencing an influx of single-digit loan offering applications.

Consequently, JumiaPay’s interest rates will be a big decider in the patronage of the latest service in its main markets. AIM Community tried to reach out to Jumia for updates on its interest rates but had received no response.

Vendors on the platform would not immediately get loans because their submission and credit-worthiness should be tested.

Jumia has also started searching for loan officers to support its Jumia Lending team in Kenya to promote the lending cycle to its thousands of vendors.

“Our loan officer would assist in the growth of Jumia Lending by proposing our solution to our sellers.

Jumia pay will henceforth support sellers and will check the details collected and the applicants with assistance from the loan officer.

Another move forward in the revenues is to launch Jumia Mall – a curated category on the web which enables customers to quickly recognise official distributors of leading brands in the industry – in the Nigeria unit of the Business with 50 top brands like Nokia, ASUS, Hisense and so many more.

Together with reputable suppliers, Jumia creates a reputation and improves customers’ customer experience and eventually draws new consumers to the website.

“Gopher Ogembo, HMD Senior Business Director, said “Jumia move to a paid channel ensuring high quality offerings is a fantastic achievement for the current Jumia Mall Network.

Nokia is delighted to be able to push this step through Jumia colleagues from all over Africa can select whether to buy Jumia Mall(international providers) or a broad variety of price local resellers(marketplace).

Jumia Global may also be bought via the device.

Customers that buy at the Jumia Store are always trustworthy, as that are already authorized service warranty and 15-day return policy.


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