How to Get a Quickbucks Loan in Nigeria


Getting a quick buck loan in Nigeria is a difficult task. This is because banks and lending institutions have limited lending to those who have an established credit history.

The only option left for those who need cash quickly is to head down to the moneylender. But there are some dangers associated with borrowing from a moneylender as well – they charge high interest rates and often come with unreasonable repayment terms.

We at QuickBucks Nigeria offer loans for any purpose, whether it’s personal or business related. All you need is proof of your income, proof of residence and 3 months bank statements (for entrepreneurs). Apply now!

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A Quickbucks Loan in Nigeria is a loan which you can apply for and receive within just a few hours. This is due to the fact that the entire process of application and approval takes place electronically. The good thing about this particular loan option is that it can be accessed by anyone, irrespective of their credit score or employment status.

In order to get a Quickbucks Loan in Nigeria, you will need to fill out an online form that provides basic information about your identity, income and the reason why you need the loan. Once this form has been submitted, it will be sent to a qualified lender for processing. If approved, you will receive your funds within 24 hours!

The Most Common Questions about Getting a Quickbucks Loan in Nigeria with Answers

In Nigeria, getting a loan is not an easy thing to do. It takes time and effort to go through all the process of applying for a loan and then waiting for a timely response. This article discusses some of the most common questions that people ask when they are considering whether or not they should apply for a quickbucks loan.

1. What is QuickBucks?

2. How much does it cost?

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3. Is QuickBucks safe?

4. What are the requirements to get approved?

5. How long will I have to wait before I get approved by QuickBucks?

6. What should I expect after approval?


7. What other information do you need besides my bank details, ID card number, etc.?

3 Key Points to Consider when Taking out a Quickbucks Loan in Nigeria

Quickbucks loans are very easy to apply for. There are three things to consider before taking one out.

1) Types of loans to take out

2) Types of interest rates

3) Where to take out the loan from

Reasons why you should apply for quickbucks loan

  1. Very easy to access and use .
  2. You have access to much more bigger loans.
  3. You have access to fingerprint enabled login and security.
  4. Very good interest rate on the loan you applied for and with longer tenor.
  5. Loan is available to all both the self-employed and salaried employee
  6. How to Apply for QuickBucks Online in Nigeria

Steps to Apply for Quickbuck Loan

The following steps when carefully followed will give you access to Quickbucks loans , carefully follow the steps below to get your Quickbucks loan.

  1. You will need to download Quickbucks loan from play store app which is available on every Android phone.
  2. Quickbucks is a company that lets you borrow money from your friends and family. You can get up to 5000 from friends or family members, with just a few taps of your phone.
  3. Navigate to “SIGN UP” on your phone, then enter your linked mobile phone number with the bank verification number. You will receive an OTP immediately which can be used to validate quickbucks on your phone.
  4. In order to use Quickbucks, you will need to have a bank account with a mobile number linked. After the mobile number is linked, you will receive an OTP immediately which is required to validate your Quickbucks on your phone.
  5. Set up a strong password, email address, and Vademecum. If you forget your BVN you can call 5650 from your registered phone number. A 4 digit pin will also authenticate all transactions
  6. The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a unique 10 digit number assigned to each customer by the bank. It is used to validate financial transactions and to set up certificates of deposit. If you do not know your BVN, you can contact your bank or contact your nearest branch for assistance.
  7. Once you have fulfilled the necessary requirements, please click the button to submit..
  8. You will then be prompted with a button that says “Submit your Assignment” and you click on it.

In Conclusion

Quickbucks is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s best loan apps, and might be the best because it has some special features that make it stand out..

Owning a home or other devices like smartphones is easier now! Literally, any device can be yours with the payment plan you set. Plus, this kind of loan has an attractive interest rate because it’s designed to fit your income..



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