How to Get Zenith Bank Token Number



 Have you heard about Zenith Bank Token, The zenith bank token is a little security device that allows bank customers to perform a transaction with extra layer security. Without these device customers cannot transfer money, purchase airtime, pay bills on the zenith bank internet banking platform.


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The zenith bank token can be gotten from any zenith bank branch nearest to you. All you have to do is walk into any of their branches nearest to you nationwide and make a request for an internet banking application form.

Once you fill the application and provide them the necessary information, you will be given a token once you have registered for internet banking.

As at today, the token cost a sum of N3500


The token is very small and as such you could easily loose it, if lost all you have to do is visit the nearest zenith bank branch nearest to you and tell the customer service you want to request for a new hardware token device.


The token could be attached to your key holder, the token could last up to three years, the longevity depends on how often you use it.

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If you want to get the zenith bank token, let’s go through some of the security features the token carries and what it can do.

  1. Increase transaction limit, the transaction limit on the mobile app is N100,000 daily while on the internet banking platform customer can transfer up to N5000,000.
  2. Internet Banking, with the internet banking platform it gives customers access to more features unlike using the mobile app. For example, you can use the Remita platform on the internet banking platform unlike using the mobile app and so many more functions.
  3. Extra Security, oftentimes people get robbed of their mobile phones and due to this, criminals have access to their account but with the token, you can easily deactivate your account online by visiting the online internet banking platform.


  1. Click this link to access the Zenith Bank Token activation web page
  2. Enter your ten-digit Zenith Bank Nuban account number and click proceed.
  3. An OTP code will be sent to your phone number or email address registered with the bank.
  4. Enter the OTP code sent to you.
  5. Bring out the token device from the pack.
  6. Turn the device to the back to reveal the Zenith bank token number. A token number is a 10-digit number specific to each device. No two token devices can have the same token number.
  7. Enter the token serial number without the dash (-) or space.
  8. Input any four-digit pin that you can easily remember and click on proceed.

If activation is successful you will see a confirmation message on the website.


  1. Visit the Zenith Bank Internet banking web page at
  2. Select “Pin and Token” from the drop-down menu options. The pin and token option is the default.
  3. Enter the four-digit pin you created in the previous step.
  4. Press the white button on the token to reveal the 6-digit token code.
  5. Enter the token code generated without leaving any space between the 4-digit pin and the token. I.e you write the 4-digit pin and the toke code together without space.
  6. Click on login.

Now that you have access to the internet banking dashboard, remember that the 4 digit pin and token code must be written together without any space.



  1. Mubarak says

    When I try to activate My hardware token device, it displays an error of “invalid token serial number ” though I followed all the procedures you stated above, please what should I do.?

  2. Olalekan abiola toheeb says

    I’m try to get token hardware code but I didn’t receive it please help me find solutions to it

  3. Akingboye orowole temitope says

    Trying to get my token,send to me

  4. Adebayo sodeeq says

    Am trying to get token number hardware but i don’t receive it pls help me

  5. Chidera says

    Have you resolved yours if yes how did u do that, cos I’m having the same problem and I already gotten another one still says invalid

  6. Ishaq Isah says

    Pleased I need your help I downloaded my etoken app and I registered but am try to active and used all the procedure but replied me that the record not found. How can I do

    1. Editorial says

      Please engage your banker on this, thanks.

  7. Editorial says

    Please engage your banker on this, thanks.

  8. Similoluwa says

    Please a sum of #1,500 was deduction for e-token code

  9. Dayo says

    Am trying to get my token number but I didn’t get it

  10. Masud says

    I try downloading zenith mobile app but the display of token+ pin is giving me tough time. How can I generate it?

  11. Rahman says

    Am try to get my token pin but I don’t get it

  12. Lucky Ernest says

    How can I get it

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