100 Good Morning Text Messages to greet loved ones in 2022


Are you often confused as to how to write a good morning text messages to greet your loved ones in the morning?

Do you struggle to compose lovely morning text messages to your friends? Well, the solution you need to end your struggles is here.

Below, there are 100 cute good morning text messages you can send to your loved ones to inspire them every morning.

1. I couldn’t have been this happy, If not for your love. Good Morning

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2. Just as the Sun shines every morning, i hope this will light up your day and put it in mind that your thoughts fill my mind. Good morning dear.

3. Morning love!!
Good wishes to a very good person on a Good morning.

4. A beautiful morning is on the way to your home, make sure you greet this new day with your lovely smile. Have a wonder filled day love.

5. The greeting Good morning is a magical greeting when it is given to someone unique like you from a love filled heart like mine. Morning dear..

6. My mornings are awesome because you are always on my mind filling my heart with your smiles and beauty.

7. Life can be compared to a note book. Each day that you see can be likened to a new page. So make sure the first sentence you write is Good Morning my darling.

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8. As rain wets the ground and takes away all heat, that’s the way you bring calmness and comfort to my heart, I’ll forever love you. Good morning love.

9. Your presence in my day makes the difference, whenever it’s morning i remember the joy that your presence to my heart. Good morning my Joy.

10. Darling wake up! It’s time to say hello to fresh goodness!! Happy new day.

11. As you rise this morning, may the goodness you have ever longed for, locate you. So Wake up! It’s a good morning from your darling.

12. Be ready to experience a new level of joy and success as you step out this day. Good morning dear.

13. The thoughts of you make a sweet melody in my heart. Good morning love.

14. My darling wake up! It’s a new day, an opportunity to correct all the errors of yesterday and prepare for the future. It’s a bright morning.

15. My pleasant wishes to you this morning are peace, joy, comfort, and success. Enjoy the new day. Good morning

16. You are the best pain killer that soothes my body, my heart beats for you, your presence in my life is invaluable. Good morning my love.

17. It matters less if the sun shines or not, as long as i have said good morning to my girl, it’s a brand new day for me.

18. The rising of the sun is a perfect description of your lovely smile and your cute face. I can’t wait to see you again. Morning sweets.

19. My past fears have now disappeared, your presence in my life gives me fresh hope and joy. Wake up and let’s walk together into our bright future. Good morning dear.

20. Thinking of you alone gives me butterflies in my belly. A new day with you brings me great joy. Good morning.

21. My dear could you please permit me to say Good morning to you in my arms for the next 70 years of our lives? It’s all i ever want to do. Morning sunshine.

22. I have waited all through the night just to make sure I’m the first to say Good morning to you dear. You mean everything to me.

23. Good morning my pretty sunshine.

24. Sweetheart wake! wake!!, it’s time to rise and shine for your darling. A good morning to you.


25. I wish you a great day. Good morning.

26. I have decided to send you this text early not just to say Good Morning but to bring that cute smile to your face the minute you wake up.

27. My angel’s, it is time to wake up from the sweet and lovely dreams and bring them into reality. Good morning dear.

28. A bright new day is here, my dear wake up and let’s plan our future.

29. As the sun rises this pleasant morning, may your health bring back to life and your peace restored. Good morning friend.

30. I am reminding you that I will never hurt you or bring you pain in any way. We will always be together in love. Happy morning my angel.

31. Good morning to the one who loves me so dearly, have a peaceful day.

32. I may not be able to explain if we are meant to be together or not, but I can only express that i love you more than you think. Good morning love.

33. I will anything to put a smile on your face because i cherish you so much. Good morning dear.

34. It’s you i see whenever i close my eyes in the night, my dreams of you keeps playing in my imagination every morning. Truly my morning is special with you my special one. Good morning.

35. Words fail me in expressing your unique beauty and sense of humor my love. Good morning dear.

36. Mornings are special and refreshing just as you are to me always. Good morning beauty.

37. Truly, my mornings are unique because it begins with your care and love which goes with me everywhere I go. Good morning love.

38. This new day i wish you peace, love and joy, may your heart be filled with goodness all through the day. Good Morning!!

39. Through our curtain, the sun peeps and smiles at us as i am wrapped in your loving arms. Good morning dear.

40. Welcome the day with your special smile and embrace the blessings the day has to offer. Have a pleasant day.

41. You give me hope when all hope seems lost, you are the one who lights up my world, your love keeps me going. Good morning Sunshine.

42. The Thoughts of you floods my heart as I wake this morning. Good Morning.

43. Let go of the past, this is a new day. Get up, work and shine. Good morning.

44. Wake Up! It’s day break and It’s time to actualise your dreams and be happy. Good morning!.

45. With you by my side, i can go on conquering and rejoicing for eternity. Good morning handsome.

46. Make sure you teach your mouth to speak positively and your heart to think right. Good morning son and enjoy your day.

47. My darling, Wake up! This is the moment you should open wide your arms and receive the new day with joy and love, Morning to you.

48. Morning by morning we will into the sky and see the sun rise while we are cuddled in each other’s arms. Good Morning dear.

49. This gives me much joy, so I’m going to send a pleasant morning straight back to you. My good friend, Good morning.

50. This new day is another opportunity to let go of that which kills you and hold on dearly to what keeps you alive. Good morning to you.

To be continued……


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