GOTV Packages, Prices & Channels


Are you aware that Multichoice owned GOTV is one of the topmost digital Tv providers in Nigeria?
Sure It is. Since it has been introduced into the Nigerian market, it has won the hearts of many Nigerians.

This is majorly because the channels offered by Gotv are highly irresistible and good news is they are also very affordable.

On the Gotv network, there are different packages ranging from the very low budget package to the high packages, so the good thing is you have the privilege of selecting the package that best soothes your pocket.

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In this post I will be sharing with you, the different packages available on the Gotv network, their prices and the channels you will have access to on each package.

Basically, you should know that Gotv packages gives you access to indigenous channels from several African countries.

Meanwhile, if you have friends in Namibia, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia or Rwanda, they can also enjoy the services of Gotv as it is available in these countries.

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Get A Gotv Decoder

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The very first step thing you need to do in order to start enjoying the Gotv network is to purchase a Gotv decoder. The Gotv decoder is usually been sold at the rate of N6900, this is, however, subject to change depending on the company’s decision.

Asides from the decoder, you will get a remote control, the complete pack of Antenna and the tools needed for installation but top of all is that you will be given a one-month free subscription. That seems very interesting, right? Sure it does.

The next thing to note is that the first subscription you will be given will expire at the end of one month, after this, you will need to subscribe for another month’s viewing with your money.

You can simply recharge through your phone, but lot of people still prefer to recharge at Gotv offices.

In subscribing for a new month, you can decide to choose from the options of Gotv packages I will be sharing with you below.

Be aware that every package has it’s price and list of channels. So when choosing a package that soothes your budget, make sure you go through the channels available on that package to see if they are your choice of channel if not you may have to check another package.

1. Gotv Lite Package


This is the cheapest package you can describe to on the Gotv network. It costs N400 per month, N1050 per quarter and 3100 per year.

On this package, you will have access to a limited number of channels.
Gotv lite has 23 channels: 10 local channels, 1 channel for children, 1 music channel and others.

Below lies the full list of channels you can access on Gotv lite:

1. SuperSport Blitz
2. Rave
3. Tvc Entertainment
4. Silverbird
5. NTA 1
6. Channels
7. AIT
8. Mitv
9. Wazobia Max
10. Liberty Tv
11. Galaxy Tv
12. Go Channel
13. Faith Broadcast Network
14. Jim Jam
15. Tvc News
16. Lagos Tv
17. WAP
18. Afro Music English
19. Islam Channel
20. Dove Tv
21. ETv Africa
22. Emmanuel Tv
23. Aljazeera

2.GoTV Value Package

This is a higher package of the Gotv decoder in that it gives access to more number of channels and it is more expensive than Gotv Lite package. For you to subscribe to this package, you will pay N1250 per month. Here you can enjoy 13 local channels, all the 4 African magic channels and others.

The list of channels on Gotv value lies below:

1. Tiwa n Tiwa
3. NTA I
4. R2TV
5. E! Entertainment
6. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
7. AfricaMagic World
8. AfricaMagic Hausa
9. AfricaMagic Yoruba
10. AfricaMagic Igbo
11. Galaxy Tv
12. Nickelodeon
13. JimJam
14. AFRO Music English
15. Sound City
16. Fashion One
17. Spice TV
18. TVC Entertainment
19. SuperSport Select 1
20. SuperSport Blitz
21. Liberty TV
22. Faith Broadcast Network
23. Islam Channel
24. Emmanuel TV
25. Dove TV
26. eTV
27. Silverbird
28. AIT
29. Channels
30. MiTV
31. Lagos TV
32. Wazobia Max
33. Are we
34. WAP
35. Go Channel

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GoTV Plus Package

Gotv plus package enables you to view up to 59 channels of good quality. Here you will enjoy 19 entertainment channels, 5 music channels and others. The price is 1900.
Below lies a full list of channels of Gotv plus Package:

1.Tiwa n Tiwa
3. R2TV
4. NTA I
5. Silverbird
6. AIT
7. Channels
8. Nickelodeon
9. Disney Junior
10. JimJam
11. Planet Radio TV
12. Faith Broadcast Network
13. Islam Channel
14. Emmanuel TV
15. Dove TV
16. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
17. AfricaMagic Family
18. AfricaMagic World
19. AfricaMagic Hausa
20. AfricaMagic Yoruba
21. AfricaMagic Igbo
22. MiTV
23. Lagos TV
24. Wazobia Max
25. Arewa 24
26. WAP
27. Arise News
28. TVC News
29. GO Channel
30. Telemundo
31. E! Entertainment
32. Discovery Family
33. M-Net Movies Zone
34. Eva +
35. TVC Entertainment
36. SuperSport Blitz
37. SuperSport 9
38. SuperSport Select 1
39. SuperSport Select 2
40. Liberty TV
41. eTV Africa
42. BBC World News
43. CNN International
44. Al Jazeera
45. Zee World
46. Vox Africa
47. TeleVista
48. Galaxy TV
49. B4U Movies
50. FOX Live
51. Nat Geo Wild
52. Fashion One
53. Spice TV
54. MTV Base
55. Hip TV
56. AFRO Music English
57. Sound City


Gotv Max is the highest package on Gotv decoder in that it gives access to over 60 channels and the price is N3200.

Here you will have access to more quality channels. Here you will enjoy 19 entertainment channels and several other channels.

These are the channels available on Gotv Max:

1. Spice Tv
2. Nat Geo Wild
3. Fashion Tv
4. Discovery Channel
5. Nickelodeon
6. SuperSport Select 3
7. AFRO Music English
8. JimJam
9. SuperSport Select 4
10. Disney Junior
11. NTV Base
12. Arise News
13. Al Jazeera
14. NTA I
15. Silverbird
16. AIT
17. Channels
18. MiTV
19. Lagos TV
20. Wazobia Max
21. SuperSport Select 1
22. SuperSport Select 2
23. Islam Channel
24. Emmanuel TV
25. Dove TV
26. eTV Africa
27. CNN International
28. BBC World News
29. E! Entertainment Television
30 FOX (SD/HD)
31. FOX Life
32. Sony MAX
33. Eva +
34. CBS Reality
35. M-Net Movies Zone
36. Africa Magic
37. Liberty TV
38. Tiwa n Tiwa
39. RAVE
40. R2TV
41. Arewa
42. WAP
43. TVC International
44. Hip TV
45. Sound City
46. Planet Radio TV
47. Faith Broadcast Network
48. SuperSport Blitz
49. AfricaMagic Family
50. AfricaMagic World
51. Telemundo
52. Epic Movies
53. TVC News
54. Zee World
55. Vox Africa
56. Galaxy TV
57. B4U Movies
58. Zee World
59. TeleVista
60. Tribe
61. AfricaMagic Hausa
62. AfricaMagic Yoruba
63. AfricaMagic Igbo


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