How to Perform GT Bank Cardless Withdrawal


This is a detailed guide on how you can withdraw money through the ATM without using a debit or credit card. So many banks in Nigeria now perform that service, given their customer’s room to withdraw money via the ATM point without their debit card.

A lot of banks perform the service, but for the purpose of this write up we will be looking at GTB cardless withdrawal process and how you can make use of the service.

The GTB Cardless Withdrawal has positioned the bank as one of the biggest and strongest banks in Nigeria. Particularly the service was a good and welcome development to its customers.

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Before we dive into the topic, let’s quickly look at the history of the bank and how it began its operation.

About GT Bank

Guaranty Trust Bank with head office in Victoria Island Lagos was founded in 1990 and began its operation in February 1991, it operates in over 200 branches nationwide and In over six African countries.

The bank has won several awards among them incudes being the best bank in Africa in July 2019 the award was given to the bank by in London.


  • Full Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Industry: Finance
  • Founded: 17 January 1990
  • Headquarters: 635 Akin Adesola Street, VI, Lagos
  • Service:       Banking
  • Website:

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Process of Performing GTB Cardless Withdrawal

The process of can be set up in 3 different ways namely


  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile USSD Code

Using Internet Banking is one of the fastest ways you can use to access cash without visiting the bank or ATM point. This method can be set up in the following ways.

  • Download the Mobile app on your phone or tab by visiting the play store to make the download
  • After you have downloaded the app known as GT world, request for the cardless service once you have requested you will be provided with your user ID and Password.
  • Once you have your user ID and Password, you can then go ahead and login into your GT world app with your details
  • Once you have logged in go through the menu on the app and locate cashless withdrawal options to perform the operation.
  • Once you locate the cashless withdrawal option fill in your information
  • Once you enter your details it asks you to enter your four-digit pin or token code
  • Once you do that your registration is complete.
  • After you have completed the registration, a reference code will be generated and sent to your SMS
  • Once you have the reference code you can proceed to the ATM and make your withdrawal

 2. Using Mobile Banking/USSD Code this is another way you can use to perform the GTB Cardless Withdrawal, this can be done in the following ways.

  • Dial *737# on your mobile phone
  • Once you dial you will see a pop-up
  • From the pop up choose cardless withdrawal and click continue
  • After that enter your GTB ATM card
  • After that, you will request to input the amount you want withdrawal, once you do that your account will be debited
  • Once you are debited a 12 digit reference number will be generated and sent to you as SMS
  • With the 12 digits, REF number head to the ATM point and click on GET MONEY
  • Enter your 12 digit number
  • Enter your phone number and the amount you want to withdrawal
  • Once you do that the ATM will request for your 4 digit code and after that, you do that, go ahead to make your withdrawal.

We hope with this information you can now perform your GT Cardless Withdrawal easily. If you find this informative help share with your social media network.

If you have any suggestions drop your comments below.

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