The History of the University of Ibadan


This write up will focus on one of our foremost universities in this country University of Ibadan formerly known as University College Ibadan. The University of Ibadan happens to be a public institution that was established in 1948.

The University of Ibadan is located in the western part of Nigeria, The University is located in the heart of Ibadan city.

The university has one of the largest population of students in Nigeria, it has over 60 thousand students on campus and other affiliations collaboration with other institutions that run the university programs.

The university at inception known as University College Ibadan was under the University of London, the university initially run as an extension of a college in the University of London, its academic operation was supervised by the University of London which supervised it academic operations.

The University of Ibadan popularly referred to as UI started academic operation on 18 January 1948 it became a full-fledge University on its own in the early part of 1963, having become a full-fledge University it was no more under the supervision of University of London.

Having become a full-fledged university in 1963 its first chancellor was the late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, while Kenneth Dike was named the first Vice-Chancellor of the now first independent university in Nigeria. He was vice-chancellor from 1960 to 1967.

The university at inception began full academic activities from 3 faculty namely faculty of ARTS, SCIENCE, AND MEDICINE.

University Academic Activities

The university began academic activities from 3 major faculties namely ARTS, SCIENCE AND MEDICINE in 1963. Over the years the university has grown from having 3 faculties at the inception of its operation to now having over sixteen faculty running in the university. With all these faculties accommodating over 100 courses.

With all this courses from all the sixteen faculties been approved by the Nigeria university regulated body.

The University’s Growth

The University of Ibadan as grown over the years from beginning with just 3 faculty to having over sixteen faculties. The sixteen faculties that the university currently run its academics activities on are listed as follows.

  • ARTS
  • LAW
  • ENVIRONMENT and many others.

The University also run other units that perform an academic function such as

  • Institute of Child Health
  • Institute of Education
  • Institute of African studies
  • Centre for adolescent and mental health
  • Centre for educational media resources studies
  • African regional center for petroleum
  • Energy, Economics, and law
  • Centre for peace and conflict studies
  • Centre for petroleum
  • Centre for sustainable development
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Institute for advanced medical research and training
  • Centre for drug discovery
  • Development and production
  • Centre for control and prevention of zoonosis
  • National Institute for maternal child and neonatal health
  • Institute for infectious diseases are under construction
  • School of business

Apart from the undergraduate program the university-run and other units that perform various academic functions. It also boasts of a world-class postgraduate school that has produced world-class scholars in various fields of endeavours.

The university postgraduate school happens to be one of the biggest in Africa and it’s the first university to run and start postgraduate education in Nigeria.

The postgraduate school produces over 3000 masters students yearly and also 300 Ph.D. yearly. You find all of them in the various fields doing exploits.

The university growth is rapid that it accommodates over 30% of its students on campus, it’s the biggest university that as the largest percentage of its students resident on campus.

The university has over 12 halls of residence that housed their students and it has other halls of residence under construction, the university has about 1500 housing units which is occupied by both senior staff and junior staff of the university.

Vision and Mission of the University of Ibadan

The vision of the university is to be a world-class academic institution geared towards excellence to meet social needs and produce world-class graduates in all fields of study.

The mission of the university is focussing on the following

  • To expand the frontiers of knowledge through the provision of excellent conditions for learning and research purposes
  • To develop quality graduates who will be the face of the university where they will be of high intellectual prowess and have high morals
  • To bring about growth and development in the country at large
  • To serve as a dynamic custodian of society salutary values and thus sustain its integrity.

The University Principal Officers

The university of Ibadan happens to be a federal university and it has some major principal officers that constitute the decision making body of the university.

The principal officers are named below

  • Chancellor- Sultan Muhammadu Saad Abubakar
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chairman of Council- Nde Waklek
  • Vice-Chancellor- Prof AI Olayinka
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor- Prof K O Adebowale
  • Registrar- Faluyi Olubunmi
  • Bursar- Dr Michael Akinade Alatise
  • Librarian- Dr Mrs Helen O Akomolafe-Opadeji

The University and Student Collaboration

The university have over the years maintain a cordial relationship with its students. For better representation with its students, this gave birth to its student union. The student union was allowed by the university, it allows the students to participate in the decision making of the university.

The student union was headed by a president who is to be duly elected by an election process, he has a cabinet that was constituted and they all duly elected through an election and they are to serve for a number of years.

The University Alumni

The university have produced so many graduates and this constitutes the Alumni of the university. Alumni are a group of ex-students of the school who have come together to promote and develop the institution in their own small way.

The university has produced some notable alumni, some are listed below

We have the likes of the governor of Ekiti State in the person Kayode Fayemi, great novelist Chinua Achebe and many other illustrious citizens of this great country Nigeria.

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