How To Book Flights Online In Nigeria


As far as travel is concerned, we know it can be difficult if there are thousands of things to remember and tons of things to schedule. You may be more concerned about which shoes to purchase or what style of clothes you want to pack.

And that is why we have outlined all the details you will need to book your flights online.
Let us direct you through this easy process.
Even if you want a seat in the business class or you want to know where you can collect your tickets we will guide you through it all.

As soon as you decide on which destination to book your flights, whether local or international. Booking online flights is quick, although you have your part to play in ensuring everything goes smoothly.

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Flight and passenger details

First of all, you need some simple details on the destination you are flying to when booking your flights online, and these details are exactly how long you want to fly to your destination and back home.

All of your personal data that appears on your flight ticket would of course also be required. It is good to have all this information at their fingertips to facilitate the booking.

Some of the details include:

  • Trip information such as dates(is it one way or return)
  • Your choice of airline
  • Personal data such as your names, date of birth, ID number( that’s for local flight) and
  • Passport number I.e for international flight
  • Your preferred departure time and flight duration
  • Your preferred cabin class I.e economy or premium or business or first-class suite.

If you are booking a flight in Nigeria, you will only be required to enter your ID number, also to board a flight, you will have to give your original ID card alongside your booking reference number.

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Meanwhile, for passengers under the age of 16, letters of permission from their parents will be required and their birth certificate has to be provided.

Using Your Drivers License For Example

For instance, You can decide to use this original identification form to board the flight when you are flying locally that is if you are a registered licensed driver.

Please note that for the dates you plan to travel home, your driver’s license must be valid.

International Flights

You will be required to tender your real passport on the check-in desk and any visas the country to which you are flying may require when you travel abroad.
Please note that you have to apply for your visa, a long time before the date you intend to travel so as to make all easy for you.

Be sure your passport is valid because you can not leave the country with an expired passport. Many countries also allow your passport to be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your return.

Are you wondering if you will need your passport number when booking your flight online? The answer is no. The only time you may need it is when you are booking flight packages or when you are checking in for your flight.

When you request a visa, you must complete and submit a certified copy of your passport number for the application. Ensure that when reserving your tickets, the very same name spelling is used as on your passport, because many airlines do not permit or add a penalty fee when you book under the wrong name.

How To Book Flight Ticket For Someone Else


It is fairly easy to book a flight for another one. As for the reservation of your own flights, you would need a list of your personal details, interests, preferred flight times, and items such as the amount of money you’d spend on your flight ticket. You do need their permission to book your flights for them, of course.

You have the option of giving them the full flight details once you have booked your flights and their flights, and they will have these details.

How To Pay for your flight

There are several methods you can make payment for your flight. As soon as you are done filling your necessary details and you are prepared to pay, check one of the listed methods of payment below and complete your booking process

You can pay through POS

Another method is through online debit or credit card payment. You can also do Bank Transfer EFT

Meanwhile, note that when making payment online you will have to give the name in your credit card or debit card as the case may be, you will provide the card number and the 3digit CVV code that is at the back end of your card, lastly, you will give the expiry date of your card.

Printing Your Ticket

Are you wondering if you are supposed to print out your ticket before you arrive at the airport? Do not bother. When checking in at the airport, all you will ask to give is your original means of identification and your reference number.

In the case of an international flight, you will have to tender your passport and visa.

Most foreign airline companies encourage travelers to print e-tickets in advance, in order to prevent lengthy check-in queues. If you want, you can do that.

Also, some international airlines permit that you simply download your boarding pass onto your cell phone, print it out, or better still, simply email it to your personal e-mail address.

To Collect Your Ticket

As soon as you have bought your flight ticket, you will be presented with different ways by which you can collect your ticket.
Recently, it’s very common for airline companies to and your ticket to your email so you can easily print it out from your home or office.

Some airline companies even permit you to print out your boarding pass or try simply to send it to your phone making your travel process very easy and smooth for you.

Another method of collecting your flight ticket is by locating the airline office in your area.

Visa Free Countries

It can be quite tough going through the process of preparing for visa and booking flights for your trip, it can also be very expensive so we have decided to show you the visa-free countries you can choose to visit for your next vacation from Nigeria

Here is a list of countries that are visa-free Nigerians.

Sir Lanka
GambThe in


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