How To Buy Airtime, Data From Zenith Bank

If you want to buy airtime and data from Zenith and you don’t know how to go about it, please come along with me in this article to learn more about buying airtime and data from Zenith bank.
It’s no news that Zenith bank is one of the most honorable banks in Nigeria. They are particularly known for their outstanding achievements over the years. They have worked diligently and tirelessly to earn that name for themselves.

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Zenith bank is among the best banks in Nigeria. Their name will be included in the first three lists of banks. They have been the “Zenith” (highest) just like their name implies.
Most people nationwide, speak well of Zenith bank and many stories have been told of people leaving their initial banks to open an account with Zenith bank.
This is because their customer service is excellent and their banking services are outstanding too.

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Part of the banking services is the offer of USSD code banking which is also called internet banking. The services give an opportunity to customers of the bank to execute few banking transactions from the convenience of their homes.
Furthermore, people face a lot of inconveniences when they exhaust their airtime, more also if where they are is difficult to get recharge cards center. That is one of the reasons this internet service has been made available to their customers.
First, it is important that you open an account with the bank after which you can make use of their services.
So you can purchase airtime from your mobile phone with their banking USSD services, and you can even recharge for your family and friends from your office, homes, or wherever you are.
Here is the list of Zenith bank codes for purchasing airtime for your phone and other transaction operation.


 -To purchase airtime on your mobile phone directly from your Zenith bank account dial *966* amount#
-To recharge for others just dial *966*amount *phone number #
 -For transfer of funds or money to other banks dial *966*amount*account number#


-For account balance checking dial *966*00#
-Just so you wish to reset your pin dial *966*60#


1. You can open an account
2. You can purchase airtime
3. Payment of bills
4. Reset pin
5. Update your BVN
6. Account balance checking
7. Deactivation and lots more.


Buying airtime and data from banking is very easy and convenient.
The most important thing is that you must have opened an account with the bank before you can perform any banking transactions.
inclusively, there is a maximum amount of airtime you can be able to purchase in a day. You can only purchase airtime worth 3,000 nairas only person day. You cannot exceed that.
The following steps are the ways you can comfortably buy airtime and data from Zenith bank.
  • STEP 1

Log into Google Play Store and download the Eazymoney bank app

(or simply visit the closest Zenith bank branch.)

  • STEP 2

then click on Mobile top-up

  • STEP 3

after doing that, select the kind of network you want or use(MTN, GLO, AIRTEL,9MOBILE)

  • STEP 4

Enter the phone number and the amount of airtime you want to purchase.

  • STEP 5

When you are done, enter your PIN CODE or password to complete your transaction.

Use this Method
  • STEP 1

Download the easy money app and purchase your airtime making use of the USSD code (*966#).

  • STEP 2

Dial *966# on your mobile number, and then enter the amount of airtime you want to buy and your mobile number.

  • STEP 3

enter the 4-digit PIN code so the bank can be sure it’s you who is purchasing the airtime and then finalize your transaction and you will receive your airtime just immediately.

  • STEP 4
then after buying the airtime dial the code of your network using to purchase data and choose the amount of data you desire to buy. And that’s it, very easy and convenient.
We hope, this article has given you the insight you need on how you can purchase airtime and data from Zenith bank.


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