How To Buy Airtime And Data On GTBank

Buying airtime and data on Gt bank is not as difficult as you think. Follow me on this short article as I give you step to step guidelines on how you can purchase airtime and data from GT bank.
To buy airtime and data, GT has given a different method and something new for customers whose mobile number is attached to the bank.

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To be able to purchase airtime and data, first, you will need to open an account with the bank. If not you may not be able to perform any transaction.
Banking services are now something easy and getting easy every day by day. We are in a developed era and you can now perform your banking operations from the comfort of your home or office.
That means you do not need to start looking for a phone boot center to purchase your airtime or start having headaches or stress because you can not make calls or browse.

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GT bank is not exempted from this advanced banking line. They have made so many provision of banking services that will make your mobile banking easy and available for you.
So, the GTbank code was recommended to assist you purchase airtime from your bank account.

Benefits Of GTBank Recharging Of Airtime and Data

There are few benefits you can enjoy when you have the knowledge of what it is. Part of which is making purchasing of airtime and data from GT bank to make the transactions easy for you. The following are the benefits you can enjoy when you recharge on GTbank.
1.You should know whatever mobile number you want to use for any transaction operation must have been connected or linked with GTBank to make transactions smooth for you.
2.You can purchase airtime or data from #50 to #10,000 in a day. You can’t exceed #10,000 in a day.
3.The charges are free
4.Any money that may be removed will be directly from your account only.
5.It is legit, secured and easy to use, and always available at all times.
6.Your bank account must be active and in use.
7.You can make use of any network. (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL ETC)
8.It doesn’t take up to 1 minute to perform the operation.
9.You will immediately get your airtime as soon as you receive the successful message.


Features Of GTBank

There are lots of characteristics of gt bank. Things that the bank offers to make up banking transactions.
*Account opening
*Funds Transfer
*Reactivation of account numbers
*Checking of your account balance
*Airtime and data purchasing
*Bill payment
*Create a transaction PIN and lots more.
All you need to do to enjoy all this is to get the USSD code or pay a visit to the bank branch to get started.

How To Buy Airtime And Data From GTBank

If you want to buy airtime and data from GT bank or you want to even perform any transaction, you have to have a connection with the bank. You need to have an account with the bank first before anything.
After which you have done that, then the mobile number on your application form will be the only number you can use for transactions.
No need for an internet connection to buy the airtime. All you need is the code which is *737# and you can recharge for yourself, friends or family. So you can buy airtime from your office, room or house and enjoy your call.


To buy airtime from gt bank, just dial *737*amount of airtime #.
For example, *737*2,000# and send.
Just immediately, you will receive a successful message and your airtime will appear.


To buy data
After purchasing the airtime, dial the code of your network (For example, for Mtn it’s *131# and the rest.) which you can use to buy data and buy the amount of data you want.
A successful message will be sent to you immediately too.


To buy for other phones like your Family or Friends
Also, dial the *737*amount of airtime*phone number#
E. G, *737*500*08105041734# and send.
The person should receive the airtime within minutes.
Buying airtime and data is as simple as that. You can try it out today. Give us feedback in the comments section


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