How to Check Airtel Phone Number for Free

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In today’s guide, I’ll be showing you how to check your airtel phone number for free.

Airtel is one of the biggest telecommunications service provider in Nigeria at the moment is one of the four telecommunications that are providing mobile phone communications to Nigerians, it has a very large subscriber base and it is arguably the biggest telecommunication network provider in Nigeria.

If you just join the airtel network it is quite understandable that you might not have memorized your phone number at the moment but with this few methods below you can quickly find out what your phone number is on the go.

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it is important to know your phone number in case you want to exchange with other people in your business network or friends and family.

so if you are an alter user a subscriber and you’re looking for a way to check your airtel mobile number online for free, then this guide is for you.

In the next two lines below I’ll be showing you 4 method you can use to check your airtel number telephone number online for free.

while it’s quite easy to memorize your phone number but the fact remains that if you are the type that use a lot of numbers across all four major networks you might have difficulty in trying to cram all of those numbers off and but you don’t have to bother yourself with this quick as you can always get your phone number anytime you need it.

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#1. Check Airtel Phone Number with USSD Code

The first method to check your airtel phone number is by using USSD codes.

This is how to get it done:

-Open up the number dialler on your mobile phone, and press *121#, make sure you perform the operation on the particular hated seeing you want to find out the phone number.

You’ll be required to press 3 to go to account information

-then press 4 to check for your airtel SIM phone number.

In a more quicker way, you can as well dial:


121*9# or *282# to get your phone number sent to you as SMS and also shown to you on your phone’s screen.

the interesting thing about using the USSD code to check your airtel phone number is the fact that it is free of cost and you are not charged anything by the network for the operation.

#2. Call Customer Care for your Airtel Number

the second method you can use to check your airtel phone number is by putting a call through to the customer care operatives of airtel.

To call airtel customer care, Dial 111 or 121 on your airtel SIM and follow the voice prompt.

you need to pay attention to get the options that say transfer to a call center agent or speak to a customer care representative.

as soon as you are connected to a call center agent of felt when you can then request for your airtel phone number.

You may not get all the phone numbers at once when it is being called out for you by the representative, so it is important that you get a pen and paper close to you so you can pen down the phone number as it is being called to you.

However, you can as well request The call center agent to send you a copy of your phone number to your mobile phone or via SMS.

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#3. Check your airtel number by calling someone close to you

The next best method to quickly check your airtel phone number is you by is by calling another mobile phone user that is close to you.

This way you can help you check on your mobile phone immediately. But in case you don’t have a recharge unit on your mobile you can send the call me back SMS to get your phone number.

#4. Send Call Me Back’ to someone close to you

The next method to check your airtel phone number is to send a call me back to another Airtel subscriber and the airtel network.

To send a call me back on the airtel network: Dial *140*your friend’s Number#.


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