How To Check GOTV Subscription Expiry Date

Looking for how to check your Gotv subscription expiry date?
Then, look no further. This blog post is for you.

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This blog post has full and complete details on how to check your subscription expiry date with no stress. All you need to do is read and carefully follow every detail and step.
So, read through carefully.
Checking your Gotv subscription expiry or due date is one of the easiest thing to do. All you need is to have a phone or a laptop or computer and your smart card number i.e the IUC number and you are good to GO.
The interesting thing about this is that you can check your Gotv expiry date at the comfort of your home, yes! You heard it right!

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You can check it at home without going anywhere. Just get a mobile phone or computer and you will surely get it.
Checking of Gotv subscription expiry date can be done using SMS or you can proceed to Gotv easy self-service portal or link for it to be done. Also,  don’t forget that you will always need your IUC number. So it’s best to keep it close by whenever you want to check.
We have several methods of checking gotv subscription expiry date:-
Now let’s take it one after the other.

1 How To Check GOTv Subscription Expiry Date

To check Gotv expiry or due date, you need to follow the directives below:
  I. Get a mobile phone or computer, and on it click on the Gotv online website.
  II. Sign in with your phone number or your surname, then followed by your IUC number.
  III. Press on the eazy self-service


  IV. From the eazy self service-scroll down and click on view my account
  V. Your hot subscription plan, expiry date and other important details will be shown. And that is it! Isn’t that easy!

2. How To Check Your GOTv Subscription Expiry Date Via SMS

For you to be able to check your GOTV expiry date using the SMS method, please follow this process:-
  I. Get a mobile phone, then on the phone.
  II. sms “Balance” then leave a small space followed by the IUC number to 4688
  III. An SMS having your got expiry date will be sent to you.
Simply do this.
Send DD followed with your decoder smart card number (IUC number) to 4688 and your expiry date will be sent to you right away.

3. How To Check Your GOTv Subscription Expiry Date On My GOTv App

This is another very easy way of checking your Gotv subscription expiry date.
The first step is to:-
   I. Go to the play store or IOS and download the app.
   II. They write in your surname or sign in with your mobile phone number, followed by your IUC number.
   III. Proceed to check your expiry date in the app.
   IV. Just immediately, your Gotv subscription plans, expiry date, and every other important account information so will be shown.
   V. Click on the expiry date and an SMS will be sent back to you.
That is how to check for your GOTv subscription expiry date with no stress. You can try it out today to get started.
I hope this article was helpful in providing solution to you for checking your Gotv subscription expiry date from the comfort of your home with no stress.
You can contact the GoTv customer care line or pay a visit to any multi-choice office close to you if you have any enquiries, information, question, or need any help at all.
Drop your questions and comments below.


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