How create a beautiful real Estate Website in Nigeria


Real estate websites are websites that connect the buyers and sellers, the websites helps to list properties with their images, videos and features of the said property. With a real estate websites you are sure of reaching large numbers of prospective buyers for your property listings.

For the purpose of this write up we would look at the ingredients needed to build a beautiful and stunning real estate website.

The following are what is needed to build your real estate website.

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Register for a domain name

The first thing you need to do is to register a domain name, this is a must if you want people to find your website online. The domain name would end with either .COM or .NG

Get a Reliable web hosting service

The second thing you need before building a website in Nigeria is web hosting services, there are a lot of them out there most people prefer using net and it is not very expensive for the services they render.

A good web host should have features like unlimited bandwidths, no limits when it comes to emails accounts and subdomains. If you do this then apart from having a beautiful looking real estate platform all you will need is a Google AdSense account which gives revenue from ads on your blog.

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One of the best hosting services you can subscribe to is Mode Web Hosting Solutions.

Building your Real estate website: The last but not least ingredient is actually building your real estate website using HTML platform or WordPress.

There are two ways of doing it one is by learning HTML coding and do it yourself or you can use WordPress templates for builders which come with features that will help to create a beautiful real estate website in Nigeria.

If you decide to choose this option then you just need to purchase a premium WordPress template, some of the best themes for real estate websites include:

When creating an online real estate business website, make sure that all the above ingredients are available before embarking on making a beautiful, responsive website.

Build on your domain name

Now that you have a domain name you can build on it by adding features to make it more interesting and attractive for people to use it often when searching for a property online.

The following are some of the things you will need to add: – have unique and customized logo with slogan, add images of properties uploaded from Nigeria and outside Nigeria states in different location like Calabar, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja etc.

And make sure your website has video clips of properties for sale. You can also add testimonials especially from previous buyers and sellers who bought and sold their homes using your platform. Finally, integrate social media features like Facebook login integrated into the website so clients can easily login to your website using their Social Media login.


Gt a premium theme


Tthe next thing you could do is to get a premium real estate theme for your website, these themes are easy to install and upgrade when needed. You can check out themes from Themeforest. Get a premium WordPress template, there are many places where you can buy templates for blogging sites such as TemplateMonster , ThemeForest etc.


Install WordPress blog on hosting server

You will need the login details of your domain name to be able to install your blogger platform on Blogger’s cloud server which they call as Hosting account Choose the best CMS for WordPress The last thing you need is the Content Management System (CMS) that will run your listings or blogs this include things like available properties, their location and prices.

Get a real estate software

After you have the domain name, web host and WordPress, you need some software to help list all your properties online. There are a lot of them out there in the market, Landbase real estate is one of the most popular ones created by people who understand Nigerian land laws.

Get an online marketing course or training

It’s not enough to just list your property online when building a real estate website in Nigeria, you also need to learn how to attract prospective buyers back to your listing website with traffic generation and lead generation methods.

In order to get these visitors on board you will need an online marketing strategy which involves social media like Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups forums etc. Some of the best courses online are:  How to Get Traffic, How to use Facebook, How to use Twitter, How to increase traffic using LinkedIn, How to Create a WordPress Website With Thesis Theme, How to Make Money with Blogs and so on.

Get marketing resources

When you build your own real estate website then you don’t need agencies like estate agents or brokers because they are not needed anymore when building a beautiful real estate website in Nigeria which is why it’s important that you get setup with marketing resources like landing pages, email list, social media followers etc all these things will help in getting more leads for property listings.

For more insight into building your real estate website, you can also spy into your competitor website and get creative as to how they build their own website, you will get to see what is working for them and what is not working for them.  Few of the website you can spy into are the following:

  • com
  • Myyinvest
  • ng

These are the few real estate website you can spy into and look at how they built their own real estate website.

Here you have it How to create a beautiful real estate website in Nigeria, highlighted above is a simple step by step of what is needed to build a beautiful real estate website.

This small step by step article will help you create your own beautiful real estate website in Nigeria with minimum cost and effort required, get it right from the beginning so you can be on your way to achieving financial freedom sooner rather than later.

Building your own real estate site is one of the best ways to build an online passive income stream if done right because there are less chances for failure when compared to offline businesses like shops (brick and wall) or standalone buildings and offices etc that require more time, commitment and maintenance cost which makes building a real estate website, a type of business ideal for bloggers who want start a business online while working their day jobs. You could use the revenue generated from this blog as a secondary source of income motivation

If you are looking at building a real estate website I believe you now know what to do, help share, like and re-post this article with your social media audience.

For all your websites, domain and hosting needs, Visit Mode Web Host.


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