How Did Speaker Knockerz Die?


Here is the profiling the life of a talented rapper from New York by the name Speaker Knockerz, he was killed in his prime but he left a legendary mark before he died. Let’s dive into it straight forward and see how this rapper became legendary and also we will be looking at the cause of his death.



Derek McAllister Jr, with stagename Speaker Knockerz or SK, was born on November 6, 1994 in New York, United States, under the Scorpio water brand. In 2010, he became famous for his first mix-up “Flight Delayed”, which highlighted his work as a producer. Since then his rhythms have been used by people like Gucci Mane, Meek Mill and several other major rappers. After his untimely death in 2014, late Wonderkid became a cult figure in underground rap music, mainly because artists like NAV, A Boogie, Wit Da Hoodie and others modeled their styles under the influence of President Knockerz. . .

Early Life and Career : From New York to South Carolina

A New York native grew up with his mother and several other siblings in the Bronx, one of whom was Lil Knock, who is also a famous rapper. No information is available about his parents or other siblings, mainly because Derek was an individual. Since it “exploded”, fans and journalists have asked many questions about their privacy. In the face of such an interest, he politely refused to answer any questions about these questions. We know that his father is a former musician and that he was imprisoned for unknown reasons between 2000 and 2010.

Fearing that her children would become criminals, Derek’s mother left the difficult streets of the Big Apple and settled in Columbia, South Carolina. There he began to create rhythms on his laptop. Initially, he played rhythms only for his colleagues in school, who keep his head raised from time to time and assisted him to step out of the shadows and start promoting his work online. In just six months, originally known as Jamol Junior, Speaker Knockerz earned more than $ 40,000, mostly earning money by selling his rhythms through Soundquake and buying his dream car – a black Chevrolet Camaro.

How he Re-united with his Dad

In 2010 McAllister’s father got out of prison and they immediately united again. Christian McAllister, a former jazz musician and multi-instrument player, knew the difficulties the musician faced and made up his mond to help his son become a star. They worked together to produce their first blend, called “Flight Delay”. The band contained nine songs, with songs like “Good Times” and “Other Girls”, which became very popular in underground rap circles. Even rapless fans became fans of his songs, thanks to various dance videos featuring “Good Times” and “Money”.

Speaker Knockerz began working with Zack Dillan, who created every video for Derek until his untimely death. In 2013, SK became more active than ever, and within a few months two mixtures were released: “Married for Money” and “Finesse Father”. The two editions now include the famous rico trilogy, a trio of songs describing the story of a thief and a fictional thief named Rico. Fans and critics appreciated SK for his narration in these compositions.

Becoming a star: working with Meek Mill, Gucci Mane and The Release of Lonely

At the end of 2013 he released his biggest hit: “Lonely”, that others consider one of the decade’s most significant rap tracks In August 2019, YouTube received over 130 million views on YouTube.

Around this time, Speaker Knockerz began working overtime to become even more famous; He produced more than 20 songs for various Chicago rappers, which helped him to be recognized all over the country. He worked with Meek Mill on his Dreamchasers mixape, which resulted in offers from top brands like Gucci Mane and more. In 2013 and 2014 he had an associated act with Vine stars Toni Romiti and Reggie Couz to promote his music through Vines. That’s why he was one of the first rappers to realize the importance of social media and have an online presence. Many rap experts today believe that SK is some time ago.

Talibandz Entertainment

Although we see many independent rappers today, in 2013 it was not so. Speaker Knockerz never signed a recording contract, but founded his own label Talibandz Entertainment and began promoting himself and promoting various artists online. “He didn’t sign the deal because he was working independently,” said younger brother SK Lil Knocks in an interview with Genius.

How did Speaker Knockerz die?

In late February 2014, Speaker Knockerz released “Erika Kane”, a song named after the character from the hit show “All My Children,” which proved to be her last song. Shortly, after the release of the song, it disappeared and no one knew where it was and what had happened. Days later he was reported dead, and his body was found lying in the garage next to the car he had always dreamed of: Chevy Camaro.

Koroner’s office concluded that there was no outrageous gambling and that drugs were not the cause of his death, and that on March 6, 2014 he died of a heart attack. Rappers like Fredo Santana, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill and Chef Keef paid tribute to him on social networks. Soulja Boy, whom SK thought was his greatest inspiration, shared a video in which he vigorously described the late rapper as a “talented younger brother”.

Heritage and homage to him

Although popular at the time of his death, Speaker Knockerz became even more famous after his untimely demise. Later, Lil Uzi Vert, Denzel Curry, MadeinTYO referred to him in songs. Kodak Black even used the “Lonely” rhythm for his own song “Off A 14”. It is interesting that the fame of SK reached East Asia, where the Chinese rap group Higher Brothers borrowed the same instruments for their song “WeChat”.

So why is Speaker Knockerz considered such an influential figure in rap? He was one of the first artists to make sinister instruments and combine them with motivational and adjusting texts about cars and wealth. Rappers Lil Mosey and Roddy Rich said they based their music on the influence of SK. Many other artists paid tribute to the deceased star and strengthened the claim that rap music would not attain the height it is today without the hard work and dedication of a certain Derek McAllister Jr.

Personal life: did Speaker Knockerz have a girlfriend?

As for his romantic engagement, there is virtually no information in any trusted source that accurately describes this part of his life. Speaker Knockerz himself tended to keep information about his partners completely private and never answered these questions from fans.

It is not known about his first relationships or what happened when his first started. He had never seen him attend a public event in a particular women’s business, and no one was suspicious of his social media profiles. This topic has also not occurred. Judging by the lyrics to his song, he was free most of the time and occasionally established relationships.

Net worth: How rich was Knockerz’s speaker?

Have you ever wondered how rich Speaker Knockerz is? According to various credible sources, at the time of his death he had a net value of up to $ 400,000. The younger SK Lil Knock is responsible for keeping his legacy alive.

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