How to Incorporate a Company in Nigeria in 2021


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What is the difference between a business name and it’s product is one of the top questions that people ask when it comes to business branding.

The most significant aspect of a label or naming a company is for it not to carry a different legal body.

For the owner of a product to register the information provided must align.

With a registered business name your business is automatically legal and the client can not be prosecute for and illegal business.

CAC Registration will help your business in Nigeria because it will give you the freedom that you need for your business to succeed.

When you are involved or interested in operating a one-man business with all about you and you all alone, the best option might be to register a company name. It is, therefore, more cost-effective to set up and less administrative.

When you’re interested in registering a Private Limited Liability Firm, it is a distinct legal body from its shareholders that is the first appealing feature.

The registration will help your business and make it special by splitting the aims down.

CAC enables the business to carry on even when the owner is no more. This means that the founder’s death does not automatically affect the company because the business has its own presence.

Take note that up to 50 shareholders will have a private limited liability business!

Benefits of Incorporating a Business

Let us share with you some corporation’s benefit you might not really know.

  • Your company registration offers you a far more respectable identity and power than a brand name.
  • This informs clients that you are dedicated to proven qualified corporate governance frameworks.
  • This underlines the permanence of the company and its profitability. It also promotes capital raising by issuing new investor stock.

If you are up and ready to start your business.

Process of Business Incorporation

To start with we have Stages and Guidelines that you might need to put into consideration to obtain a business name.

it’s like the base of the pyramid. When you don’t have a registered business name you have little to rely on.

Therefore, you will need to check if the name entry is ok. Is the company’s name open to you? And was anyone else picking it up?

Once you find out whether the name is available for your use, do not hesitate to go ahead with the registration. It might be a bummer and you might get a hit.

To form your own brand name you can scan the corporate relations page free of charge to have idea of what name to give your establishment. Yet that is all about it. No one that has used the name picked in the quest does not actually indicate it was sent to you automatically.

If you believe that your chosen name, i.e. that nobody else has used it, you then perform a systematic search via the online CAC database.

Cost/Price of Business Incorporation in Nigeria

It’s fast and easy, it’s will cost just N500 naira. Here’s the good thing: you can book it with the CAC for 60 days, if your name is open. This allows you more flexibility to set up things. Tips on choosing your names Aim not to choose the common name because odds are likely they’ve already been taken.

Application of Incorporation Online

If you decide to use the CAC web portal, you’ll need to apply two titles. Supreme, fun, clothiers are both common terms, so the odds are small.

They may have certain titles designated for government departments, for example, “Federal,” “Regionale” (Regional), “Government” (Chartered), “Holding” (Holding), etc. Be sure the titles don’t misrepresent the meaning of what you do.

Given that you have a legal name, you need to decide who the owners and officers are.

The statute allows you to have at least two partners, with a maximum of 50 for a private limited liability company. You ought to file as a public corporation even more. You will still have at least two executives.

You shareholders and managing directors should be reasonable and be not unloaded bankrupt at an age of 18 If your owner is a registered company, the company should not be in a liquidation state, i.e. it should not be close to closing its business operations.

To register your business successfully you must not be at the verge of bankruptcy. In addition to the rule, as you start up a corporation, taking these tips into consideration means that a new firm is established.


You will need to present all of the following information: House Address, Profession E-mail address, Phone number Valid identification card (international passport, driver’s license or national ID card).

Get your documents ready As CAC needs you will complete the documentation specified under the registered CAC portal. This also outlines the roles and abilities of the supervisors.

You are expected to pay two types of charges:

1. Filing charges

2. Stamping charges

You are expected to pay for both the filing and stamping charges in other to complete the registration process.

Equity value in the corporation dictates the price you would be expected to pay. The good news is that every transfer needs to be made electronically so that the long queues at the bank don’t bother.

After paying you to have to access the finished CAC 1.1 and MEMART form to ensure they are signed manually, and correctly, you will need to import and upload your papers.

When you do this, you must check and submit the Form to CAC, including a valid ID card from the executives, distributors and corporate secretaries, and evidence of payment to the CAC through CAC’s registration system.

In case of any concerns on your application, please contact the CAC office. Wait for the CAC to notify you.

If you have nothing to do with it, you may obtain an e-certificate of incorporation when your registration is done and you are released.

After complying all documents, you will need to take all your signed documents to the CAC office closer to your region or in your state.

Ready to get your business incorporated? It is even better for us, and the CAC office must not contact you. Just continue here Let us learn.


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