How to invest in IQ option in Nigeria (2021)


If by this year 2020 you are not yet making money online then you are not really in the part of the big plan.

It is ok to have regular means of income or what is more awesome is having a side hustle that pays so well that you won’t have to depend on your 9 to 5 job.

The internet has evolved in so many ways that most of the profitable outlet online talks about money making their lot of them out there for how do you know the best ones. Yes you only find out this on our platform.

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These days it is now getting usual to see someone staying indoors and making a lot of money more than people that stress themselves to go to work.

Here on this platform we educate you financially on how to become independent fend for yourself and avoid insult from people in terms of getting loans especially from people that don’t really care about your well-being.

In this post our topic and focus will be on IQ option this is a popular financial trading giant that is making rounds in the whole world several millions of people have tapped into this platform and have testimonies. But you need to know the intricacies before you venture into it.

Tell many people that were exposed to this platform and today they are reaping the benefits they keep coming back dropping their feedbacks in thanks and gratitude because of the information acquired from this platform.

If you pay proper attention to these guidelines you would able to start up something on IQ option at the end of this article.

Definition of IQ Option

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IQ option is an international financial trading company that was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Europe.

IQ option offers several trading opportunities online and not only did they offer products like contracts for difference (also known as CFDs). IQ option is a popular site that is registered and notable for trading CFDs, stocks, Forex and other cryptocurrencies.

This trading platform has been established and registered in Europe with the name of IQ option Europe Ltd.

This year and in recent times, IQ option has been topping and one of the best binary options trading platforms globally. Why you could easily pension into this trading due to money-making promises it’s also important to note that there a lot of risks involved in making investments in the trades.

IQ option understand that there are lot of risks involved in trading on the platform that is why they have set out some assisting measures that will enable new users to succeed.
Here are things you could easily do an IQ option;

  • You can easily trade cryptocurrency
  • You can easily trade stocks and
  • You can easily do forex trading.

However, if this is your first time of venturing into online trading platform then this definition of terms are for you.

CFDs meaning

As a newbie it is very important you understand the concept of CFDs. It’s a financial instrument that will enable global investors to make an investment in the price of an asset and its movement on the chart.

These assets could be currencies like dollars, pounds, euros, naira, yen, franc, and others or cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities like gold, silver, diamond, and the rest.

It is the CFDs that will make you understand the movement of the items on the chart if they are going up or down so that you could easily make your prediction. If by chance your prediction is correct you stand the chance of making a lot of money immediately it will reflect in your balance however if you lose the trade then you lose your money.


So with this you understand that there is basically two-direction that you need to predict CFDs trading which is either high or low. Ecobank this prediction for gold, bitcoin, stock, and other currencies.

That is why traders love listening to news or past data because due to the current happenings you could easily predict if a currency will devaluate or increase in value.

Reliability of IQ option

Here reasons why you should believe that it is genuine, reliable, and trustworthy. IQ option is duly registered and being regulated by the European financial board.

It has this registration name as IQ option Europe Ltd and it’s under the regulation of Cyprus securities and exchange commission in Seychelles.

IQ option is under the UK financial conduct authority which is an European regulator. It is also part of the Italian consob, the German Federal financial supervisory authority and also the Spanish CNMV.

Belonging to this several financial bodies means that IQ option has to be accountable in their dealings and are properly insured in case of any loss of money.

These bodies they belong to give us a user the power to sue them or making an official complaint against them. Yes you can control them as they are under regulation.

They are trustworthy as they hit the benchmark of 41 million registered users globally in 2018.
They make an average trade or a million daily.

Average traders on IQ option platform withdraws at least 24 million dollars monthly. IQ option is the highest-ranked trading platform in the whole world with the position of 700 according to Amazon’s Alexa rank.

IQ option is being used globally and at least 178 countries. IQ option makes use of instant withdrawal which means you could withdraw your money anytime you want in a day.

IQ option has received over 20 prestigious awards which includes the 2015 best mobile trading platform awards and 2017 excellence award.

How to join IQ OPTION in Nigeria

If you want to be part of IQ option in Nigeria it is very much available and you could easily add naira to your wallet.
It has a landing page that is customised for Nigerians and it had specific content tailored for Nigerians.
Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa and it is duly recognised on the platform because who won out of five Africans on the platform must be in Nigeria so we are being respected very much.

How to Trade Forex in Nigeria in 2020

How to trade on IQ option

To trade on IQ option from Nigeria you have to go to the website and register proceed and download the app from play store for iOS after this proceed to practice with your demo account.
IQ option I set up a demo account that you allow the users to practice before making the real trading this is very beneficial because it will give you an insight on what the real trading looks like.

After you are very sure that you learned the in and out of the trading you can deposit your cash.

Start trading and earning immediately.

Good luck as you become successful on IQ options.


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