How to know if your SIM card is 4G?


The simple and clear approach to discovering a 4G SIM card is by placing your into a smartphone that is 4G Enabled.

Some mobile when they get connected to the network will display on the network bars the type of connection that you have, but in some cases or in some mobiles you have to go yet further to find out.

How to Check 4G LTE on your SIM

Visit the settings menu on your phone and try to see if the LTE network option is displayed or available under Mobile NetWork or SIM card.

You will usually have other options like 2G, 2G only, 3G, 3G only, if you have 4G, it mean that your SIM is 4G enabled, in a case you did not find  4G on the menu it may means that your SIM is not 4G enabled.

In 2020, all the four major telecoms and ISP providers are compatible and offering 4G services, don’t be confused with the type of terminal your SIM has, both micro-SIM and Nano-SIM cards can connect to 4G once allowed on the ent world

Another brilliant way to find out if your SIM card is 4G enabled is to simply put a call through to your Network service provider, hand them your SIM number so they can help you check if the SIM is 4G enabled, note that you may be charged for call rate by your provider.

Top 4G Phones in Nigeria

Now it is time to upgrade to 4 G with major networks such as Glo, MTN, 9Mobile and Airtel that now use 4 G LTE services throughout Nigeria, here are some list of mobile phones over 40,000 Naira now offering 4G LTE. Here are some of the 4G phones in Nigeria that support LTE networks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
iPhone 11
Samsung Galaxy S10
iPhone 11 Pro
Huawei Mate 30
Tecno Phantom 9
Samsung Galaxy Fold

4G LTE telco providers in Nigeria & LTE Band Frequencies

Network 4G LTE Bands Frequencies
MTN 7 & 20 2600MHz & 800MHz
9Mobile 3 1800MHz
Glo 28 700MHz
Airtel 3 1800MHz
NTel 8 & 3 900MHz & 1800MHz
Smile 20 800MHz
Spectranet 40 2300MHz


4G Facts

  • LTE is the fastest wireless data technology, it is an advanced wireless technology offering super-Fast Internet speed
  •  Faster Download and Upload data Speeds
  •  multiple times faster than the 3G network


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