How To Link Your NIN With Your SMILE Network


National Identification Number (NIN)  is a unique number given by the Nigerian government as a means of tracking its citizens, whether permanent and temporary residents for the purpose of work, taxation, healthcare, etc.

Therefore, Network providers in Nigeria have unveiled several ways through which their subscribers can link their SMILE with the National identification number (NIN)

This development came up after a recent declaration was made by Nigeria Communications Commission (NIN) stating that all SIM without (NIN) will be blocked from FEBRUARY 9TH 2021.

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Enrolling requires recording of an individual’s demographic data and capture of the fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture, and digital signature.

At the completion of enrollment into the National Identity database, you will be assigned an eleven-digit number, which will be your NIN. After collecting your NIN, you link it to your phone numbers, your bank, your smile. SMILE provides super-fast data with reliable and high-quality services.


Be informed that the deadline for NIN registration is April 9th, 2021, so it’s important that you get your NIN before this date (if you don’t have it yet and link it up with your Smile and other SIM cards) so as to remain connected.

Why Should You Link Your SMILE To NIN?

You should link your smile to your NIN to prevent disruption of your internet services.

How To Link SMILE To Your NIN?

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After your NIN registration, link your NIN to your phone number first, then link it to smile.

Follow the following steps to Link your NIN to your phone number:

  • For MTN, dial *785*NIN#

  • For 9mobile, dial *996# to link your NIN, you can also dial *200*8# to check the status of your NIN pairing

  • For Glo, send an SMS to 109 from your device. The SMS should be in this format: UPDATENIN NIN FIRSTNAME LASTNAME

  • For Airtel, dial *121*1#

After linking your NIN TO SMILE, then follow the steps below:

  1. Visit enter your smile login credentials to update your NIN information securely. In case you do not know your login credentials, you can also contact smile customer care by dialing 07020444444

2 . You can as well send your NIN and registered phone number to

  1. Get a NIN issuance

Once your registration is completed, you can check your NIN on your phone.  You will also need to collect your physical ID card at your designated NIMC center.

With your 0702Smile number registered, you will be able to make voice calls and send SMS using your SmileVoice to any number in Nigeria and the world, from your mobile.

We hope your question has been answered in this post. It is important that you keep the deadline in mind so you don’t get disconnected from SMILE Network.


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