How to Make Ewa Agoyin Beans and Stew


For all lovers of food, we have put together a well prepared and detailed guide on how to prepare Ewa Agoyin and Sauce. Ewa Agoyin happens to be a general delicacy that is made from beans and a well-prepared stew sauce that is not common.

This delicacy called Ewa agoyin is not the type of delicacy you regularly find on your menu, because not everybody enjoys eating it, but the few that eat it enjoy it to fullest, because of the kind of taste it brings out after its being well cooked.

Ewa Agoyin is ascribed to come from neighbouring country Togo, which happens to be there own kind of way of cooking beans which is very different from the way we cook our own beans here in Nigeria.

Most people who love to eat ewa agoyin prefer to patronize vendors that cook them because of the no how about how to cook it.

This guide will take us through on how to cook ewa agoyin step by step and ingredients needed for us to cook our sweet ewa agoyin delicacy.

Ingredients Needed to Cook our Ewa Agoyin 

  1. 200 grams of black beans
  2. 200gram of brown beans
  3. 10 tablespoon of red oil( palm oil)
  4. 6 big tomatoes
  5. One handful of crayfish
  6. One large sized onions
  7. Salt and pepper to your taste
  8. Two cubes of maggi
  9. Black pepper

How to Prepare Ewa Agoyin Sauce

  1. Step 1 pour your palm oil into the pot, heat the oil for some few minutes allow it to heat
  2. Step 2 then add salt, onions and then add tomatoes allow it to cook for some few minutes, then stir together
  3. Step 3 you add crayfish and maggi cubes and stir again
  4. Step 4 Add your pepper into it and stir together till its done.
  5. With all this done your sauce is ready to served with your agoyin beans


For you to prepare your ewa agoyin sauce you need the right kind of pepper to cook it, the best kind of pepper to use for you to get the desired kind of agoyin sauce you will need to use the Cameroun pepper or dry bell pepper for you to get your desired taste.

How to Prepare Agoyin Beans

  1. Wash the beans under running water for some few minutes
  2. Add 4 cups of water and place it on fire and allow it to boil
  3. After boiling for 5 minutes you can then add your beans into the boiling water
  4. After you have added your beans allow cooking for like 2 hours 45minutes
  5. After the beans must have softened you can then add salt to taste
  6. You can now mesh the beans to allow it to softens well.
  7. Once it all softens you can remove from fire its ready to be served with the earlier prepared sauce.

You now have a well prepared Ewa Agoyin Beans and Sauce for your consuming delight.


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