How much is visa from Nigeria to USA in 2022?


Visa is a Permission grant to enter and depart a country, it is usually provided by the visiting authorities of that country.

A non-refundable visa processing fee, also known as the MRV payment, is charged for visa applicants, including teenagers, when applying for a non-immigrant visa. If a visa is granted or not, the visa processing fee must be charged.

The amount of the application decides the form of visa you apply for. The visa processing fees for each non-migrant visa form are listed in this article.

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Please note that non-immigrant visa application fees are mentioned here. Extra visa costs made directly to the Regional Visa to will be disclosed too.

Have it at the back of your mind that United state of America government have increased the cost of Nigerians visa processing fees.

On Thursday, 27 August 2019, the United States Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria confirmed it.

We decided to take into account the significance to Nigerians seeking to enter Donald Trump’s territory but the latest visa law and process of the United States visa application chargers as change.

It is possible for a Nigeria to apply for multiple visas, such as travel, or as students, or company visas, with this kind of visa charged an extra payment of about $110 which is around #40,700 naira, but the sum of the total costs amounts to $160,00, which may cost close to #59,200 in naira.

We quite know that Visa helps a person to join, stay inside, or exit the jurisdiction of another mans nation or territory.

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Visa-free nationals are deemed to be unauthorized aliens and are immediately detained or punished according to obtaining jurisdiction immigration rules.

Take note, if the application has been denied the individual does not incur the additional charge only if the application has been approved.

It was evident from the declaration of the Embassy that reciprocity was involved.

Therefore, the US government has no choice but to disclose to Nigerians visiting American to incur a first-class visa.

The United States government also claimed that all attempts to minimize Nigeria’s costs did not work.

We have two types of Visa to take note of:

We have the Nonimmigrant Visas and the Immigrant Visas:

1. Nonimmigrant Visas are temporary visiting visa to the United States of America, include travel, temporary jobs, research and trade.

2. Immigrant Visas are Visas that are meant for foreign nationals who choose to stay in the United States indefinitely.

The current reciprocity fee is not paid for visa refusals. The US Embassy in Nigeria says, that both reciprocity and MRV fees can not be compared, because their sums differ according to the visa type.

If a visa is rejected you do not repay the amount you charged for a visa. Yet the matching charge would never be reimbursed, too.

Apart from the cost for non-immigrant visa applications, often named the MRV cost, which is paid by all applicants as they request, the reciprocity fee must be assessed.

The latest reciprocity fee will not be paid to Nigerian nationals whose applications for a non-immigrant visa are rejected.

Reciprocity and MRV payments are also non-refundable and differ based on the classifications of visas.

United States of America visa charges and duration of validity shall be dependent on United States government. Visa issuance fees may be levied on U.S residents from another nation under the mutual principle.

Visa types

Let showcase to you the six classes of U.S visa, including both the tourism, student and business Visas.

We have 6 categories of U.S Visa covering travel, student and industry groups are listed below.

The Visa groups are: B, F, H1B, I, L, R, and all this sections here fell under the broader group of non-immigrants or MRVs.

Here are the class of Reciprocity visa and FEE cost in dollars.

B1 $110
B2 $110
F1 $110
F2 $110
H1B $180
H4 $180
I $210
L1 $303
L2 $303
R1 $80
R2 $80

If you are interested in requesting for L1 visas, you must have valid work permits, for it to be eligible for any applicant. Whether they want to obtain visas for their personal self or spouse they will have to pay close to $300.

Requirements to apply for United States of America Visa

* A valid travel passport of a Nigerian citizen with at least to clean pages.

* A Visa stamp will qualify the passport holder for at list six months after departure, with able visas and entry tickets.


* The Passport must contain some certain information of the traveler including the travel history.

* The visa must have a Page to validate the Barcoded DS-160 type.

* Two colour images that fulfill the criteria of the US visa image.

* You must present the Receipt of your payment showing the cost.

* Come along with all your Fund documentation (e.g. financial account, paylips, evidence of savings and finances, etc.)

* Have copies of all your Supporting records and documents such as acceptance notes, recommendations letter, job placement and recommendations, school certification, immediate airline tickets and transport paths etc.

Please note, your Visa must have been confirmed or Ok from United States of America Embassy around you with a valid date for appointment.

Here are some payment methods:

1. You can Pay with Cash

2. You can Pay online

You may choose to pay for your US visa fee in Nigeria with different choice. You can pay with Cash.

You can also try to pay with electronic payment method which is accessible for us at the visa office.

For the exception of the applicants for a visa, who have to pay at the U.S. consulate General in Lagos, applicants can conveniently make payment at the arm or at the nearest GTBank.

This description list below is very right and coincides with both Nigeria and America countries current exchange rate.

Visa Types Class | Visa Fees Amount in Dollars & Naira

* Business and tourist they are group in to class B | $160 dollars, N64,000 naira

* Transit is group into class C1 | $160 dollars, N64,000 naira

* Ship Or airline crew they are group into class D | $160 dollars, N64,000 naira

* Student Academic Purpose is group into class F | $160 dollars, N64,000 naira

* Treaty Trades is group into class E | $160 dollars, N82,000 naira

* Fiancee Or Spouse Of Us Citizens visa is group into class K | $240 dollars #106,000 naira.

* Religion Worker is group into class R | $190 dollars, N76,000 naira.

* Journalist And Media they are grouped into class I | with cost $160 dollars, N64,000 naira.

* Exchange Visitors is grouped into class J | $160 naira, N64,000 dollars.

* Student Or Vocational are grouped into class M | $160 dollars, N64,000 naira

* Victim Of Human Trafficking are grouped under $160 dollars, N64,000 naira

* Nafta Professionals are grouped into class Tn & Td | $160 dollars N64,000 naira

* Victim Of Criminal Activity the are grouped into class U | $160 dollars N64,000 naira

* Temporary Or Seasonal Worker are grouped in class H | $190 dollars N76,000 naira

* Intercompany Transferees is grouped into class

L |$190 dollars, N76,000 naira

* Persons With Extraordinary Ability are grouped into class

O| $190 dollars N76,000 naira

* Athletes, Artists, And Entertainers are grouped into class P| $190 dollars, N76,000 naira

* International Cultural Exchange is grouped into class Q | $190 dollars N76,000 naira


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