How Musicians Make Money In Nigeria


Music has a highly profitable nature hence the reason many aspire to be in the music industry especially in Nigeria.

To launch a successful music career in Nigeria (or anywhere in the world), there are a lot more to do than just going into the studio to cook beats and release them to your crowd.

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As a Nigerian artist, your main goal is to win nominations and awards often and also to create music that excites your fans.

You know the work of an artist or singer isn’t like every other works that employees get paid monthly or weekly.

It needs a lot of effort if you want to make money irrespective of how amazing or wonderful your talent might be.

There are lots of talented artists and hit songs in the music industry And this fact continues to influence the artists’ income streams.

You may want to find ways to make money as an upcoming Nigerian artist or you may just want to satisfy your curiosity as to where these music artists get their money from.
Whatever your motive is, keep reading and you will get enough answers to your questions.

1. Through Digital Sales

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It works like magic, it’s actually one of the best. Your music can be uploaded to Sellfy, Amazon, iTunes and Spotify. There are more than 20 websites you can upload your songs for a better audience free of charge.

One of the great advantages over the above-mentioned CDs is that you can have unlimited downloads and that your music can reach many parts of the world. This also protects you from the tension and painful movement of your disks.

Besides the websites listed above, you can also choose to build up your own website to host your own music and to connect it to the payment gates. You can even use other ways to monetize your new blog to maximize income.

Everything you need in building a website is to buy a domain and hosting service from a trustworthy company and then publish your content. You can also search the free sources of traffic on your websites and support you in a great way



This is another way vloggers and musicians make money. They create and upload your videos to YouTube and Google monetizes your videos. This is a good way to monetize your videos as you will be paid for part of your video revenue.

However, explicit videos on YouTube are not allowed and copyright infringement should also be avoided while creating the videos.

Brand supports

Celebrity endorsement or branding is a form of advertising or marketing strategy adapted by businesses , brands or non-profit organisations. It involves well-known people or celebrities that use their renown and social status to promote a product , service or even to raise awareness on a specific subject.

Live displays

Here we are talking about music or dance events But you can also do other things such as theater and stage performances.
It’s another way to make money as an artist. You plan your show months before time and tell your fans how to get a ticket.
However, ticket prices vary according to the various artists, so you have to set your price very well.


You can sell tailor-made tops, front caps, polos, bracelets, etc. It is a practice that musicians such as Bruno Mars, Jidenna, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have adopted, and it is patronized by many of their devoted fans.
The digital images, video, sheet music, pdf files and live concert tapes are available for sale as well.

Royalties From Tv Houses And Radio Stations

If your music is played on public media outlets such as TV and radio stations, royalties will be given to you but to be a beneficiary of this, you will have to get in touch with the Copyright Society Of Nigeria (COSON)

Organise Music Turorials

This is another good way of earning good income. You can decide to organize lectures for your music fans who would love to learn one or two things about music.

Especially if you are good at playing two or more music instruments, then you can organize classes for those who are interested. Wondering if you should attach fees? Of course, you will need to attach certain fees to the tutorials because that is where you will make your money from.

Payment For Show.

This is majorly about you getting paid for your appearances at an event, in live shows and concerts.


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