How to quickly check your phone’s specification


I’ll show you how you can easily see the specifications of your mobile device. The specifications of your phone or smartphone at the major elements and contributing factors that make up the device that is why getting ourselves are acquainted with the knowledge of this fact is that our smartphones are made up of will enable us to understand and predict some things in future while using it.

Some things that knowing our specification will be able to help us recognize is knowing how slim or tall, or the storage capacity of the phone, or the longevity and battery capacity, or how big the screen is and several other multitasking features.

I mean it is very crucial you find out how will you fill your camera is for Snapchat and Instagram selfie pictures. all these listed above are the important questions that your phone specification will help you answer and understand.

Also, there are several smartphone devices that are currently available in the mobile device market and at such, it has become harder for an average buyer to just see phone and like it without knowing the specifications, you might end up wasting money on a costly phone without knowing that the specifications are not up to par.

That is where knowing your smartphone specifications will help you because it will enable you to make well-informed buying decisions when it comes to purchasing a smartphone and also give you a proper device review while in comparison.

Even though you are trying to get your smartphone or you are already using it and you want to upgrade it is still very crucial that you know your smartphone specifications. All I’m going to be doing in this post is to list the process that will enable you to find out your specifications easily.

when operating certain functions in your phone like checking your social media handles, streaming videos on YouTube, checking your emails you might easily forget that there are other special technical important specifications that you have to put into consideration.

There are quite a few components that make up your smartphone that you need to know things like your sophisticated processor, storage, RAM, graphics chip, and so many others. Having a knowledge of your phone specifications might not really change much but it will keep you informed on the way your phone should operate to avoid breaking down.

So if you really want to take a peek behind the curtain and understand the nitty-gritty that operates your phone then I’ll give you the required steps to follow:

  • System
  • Device
  • Hardware
  • Memory
  • Camera
  • Network
  • Connectivity
  • Media DRM
  • Battery

The first step I will give you will be how to check for your specification on your Android smartphone device. To easily see the specification of your Android device or use an app that you can easily get on Google play store and it’s free of charge. using this method it has been tested and trusted and known to be one of the best methods to check your phone specifications in full details.

  • Firstly go to Google play store and open it
  • Search for Inware
  • Find the Inware app and install it

After the download of this app from Google play store, next thing you should do is to open it and configure it to show you your phone specification.

  • Firstly open the app
  • You’ll get a notification seeking permission to allow
  • Tap on allow to Grant permission.
  • Allow on the pop-ups.

After that, the basic setup for the Inware app is done and the app is ready for use.

This is an example of how Inware app organizes your phone categorizing them in different sections like:

if you want to find every information that is related to your phone’s operating system then you have to click system as this page on the app shows your phone’s security patch, the current uptime, and the Android version.

if you want to know more about the physical aspect of your smartphone then go to the device page. This page used information regarding the authentication features, manufacturer/model name, and display specifications. This also displays the life readout of your current RAM and CPU usage on the hardware and memory pages.

you are interested in knowing the ability of your multiple cameras if your phone has it then you can click the gear icon it is located at the top right corner. From there you can customize the interface that you are seeing and disable or enable some features.

Check on iOS

Just like the set of procedures that I gave you to check on Android, iOS devices like phones and tablets have their own process too. iOS devices also has list of specifications and information regarding the phone model, storage properties, iOS version, and basic specifications.
Please list the specification on IOS devices here is what you need to do:
To access your specifications, open settings menu for your iPhone or iPad device
Visit general and then click on about.

Manufacturer’s website

You can also easily get the specifications of the device you’re using by going to the official website of the manufacturer that produces the phone you are using. on the official website of the company, you will see the full specifications listed there regarding your mobile device.

Here’s how you easily find your phone’s specifications on the website;
Go to search and input your smartphone’s name on the website.

You will see all available information regarding your phone type, SIM types, dimensions, battery type, display technology, supported audio and video format, your network band support, and available sensors.

For example, you are using Samsung Galaxy note 8 all you need to do is to go to the official website of Samsung technologies, and in the search bar write note 8 after which you see all the specifications regarding your mobile device.

In addition to the options listed above, you can easily access your phone specifications by looking at third-party websites. using this option you can go to popular mobile phone platforms like GSMArena and Pdevice to search your phone and once you do that you’ll get all the specifications relating to your phone in an instant.



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