How To Save On Piggyvest in 2022


Piggyvest is an online platform for saving money over time and accumulating money when you need it with interest. It lets you save money little by little. If you are a one time spender. I would suggest piggyvest for you. I have an account for investments.

You must have a plan of what you intend to save or something you what to achieve with money. So this will help your invest or save? So you don’t end up spending more than you budget.

In fact, the bank owes you up to 4% interest and will proceed to raise ATM servicing charges and other bank costs that have little to no value to you.

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Savings Incentive and Interest

PiggyVest as a platform will offer you a reward of 10-12 percent per annual no fee and other incentives or changes will be deducted from your savings account.

To start Saving with PiggyVest, click here before I continue: You will know more about saving here.

PiggyVest aims to allow savings in the society so that you can quickly invest money until expenditures continue to increase when the income warning comes in.

PiggyVest will save you on a regular basis, on the weekly or on a monthly basis by the following features: AutoSave.

Only imagine saving #400 naira a day, at the end of the month you’d have #12,000 naira which also attract some interest and value.

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If you do, you’ll be near #144,000 naira by the end of the year. How fun to end the year.

You may then pick how much you want to save and choose the amount regular or weekly for an event, ceremony or a project. E.g Building project.

If you need a sourcetinable capital, don’t you worry. You can Start with little saving today and bost of a sweetable capital someday.

Often with a certain reason, you ‘d like to save money, but after starvation hits, you can realize that you’ve been consuming only half the food.


SafeLock lets you hold any of your funds to a specific day in time for you not to be able to spend the money or attempt to compensate up to 12 percent of the capital after that day.


To buy a car worth #1,900,000 million naira you might need to save #40,000 per week for 12 months.

It is very easy to use safelock to lock any of your target saving. If you start in May 2020 saving #40,000 per week by May 2020 you will have #1,800,000 already saved.


If you are not interested in savings you might pick interest in investing on various business like farming, manufacturing companies.

PiggyVest introduced only an investing option where you can invest in farm, manufacturing and business from the application to start saving with PiggyVest Investify.

There is actually an ongoing venture in rice farms where you spend a certain amount that is used to rice farming and you get a 20 percent interest payback after 9 months.

PIGGY Tales Offer a strong business. When PiggyVest encourages someone to save with PiggyVeste, it aims to award savers on the plattform.

Each time you refer a friend on the website, PiggyVest gives you and your friend #500 each.

So you receive incentives as your buddy is carried and your buddy always earns incentives.

You would have been using the app to save your own piggy tales about how the app helped you save in anticipation of your own unique reference path to begin referring people.

How to Start Saving

To start saving on PiggyVest, please click on this link :

We have a rising saver culture that you might need to emulate.

You should share with your friends and family and other economists like you to find out about this financial saving platform.

If you will like to join piggyvest click here

If you have any suggestions, opinion or questions you can just drop them here: click on the link below.


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