How to start a bakery business in Nigeria (2021)


This post right here is aimed at helping you become a successful bakery and owning your bakery business.

While most of your active owning A bakery makes you successful, I have always made it loud and clear that the operation of the successful bakery does not mean coming early and producing lots of tasty treats…no… There are some additional attributes that need to be put in place and I applied for your burger to become successful due to the high competition rate in the industry.

Though different people in different countries love owning bakeries, France has shown to be a country where the best bakeries are known to residing reason being that Frenchman artist when it comes to food.

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Bakery Business

It is very crucial that you know what a bakery is. A bakery can be defined as a factory where foods that are made of flour are produced like bread, cookies, cake, pastry and a whole lot of others.

Who doesn’t love the aroma a bakery produces on a daily basis. Kicking off your bakery business this year it’s not a bad plan, it is a very lucrative business as all you need is a strategy and is startup capital.

In Nigeria we consume a lot of bakery products, statistics show that over 10 million loaves of bread are being consumed in Lagos alone everyday so imagine what you could do in your own state set up a business that will fetch you a lot of money but you provide them with the bread they need loaves of bread, cake, and other bakery products.

Why many people like bread is because it’s the quickest and cheapest type of food most people could afford.

So you don’t have to be scared of the kind of people that will purchase your products if you own a bakery because that a lot of unknown names out there that make a lot of money, all You need is to package well and distribute your bakery products.

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Bread cake and cookies cut across all religions different people and ethnic groups so you wouldn’t have to stop but the name about the kind of people that will buy from you.

If you have a non-culinary background you could easily set up your bakery business by opening a home bakery and producing in smaller quantities.

Opening a bakery does not come out smooth it possesses the unique challenges that make it stand out from other types of businesses. In this post walk you through everything relating to opening a bakery starting from the business plan to fully owning and controlling a good bakery.

Types of Bakeries

Before you begin establishing your own bakery it is also very important that you know the different types of Bakeries we have in the world then choose the one you prefer and is in demand in your local environment. These types of Bakeries also need you to understand the kind of customers they serve.
There are two major types of bakeries and they are wholesale and retail bakeries.


Retail bakeries

This is one of the most random and commonest types of bakery this is because they are the type of Bakeries that sell bread directly to customers. Where is what makes retail Bakeries different;

It only requires the front and back of house space and specialization in particular baked products like bread or cake.

The retail bakery is further divided into different types;
Bakery cafe: this is the kind of bakery that has the combination of both a bakery and a cafe, for example, they sell baked products like bread, cookies, and pastries but also sell tea and coffee.

Counter service: this is the kind of service that is mostly front-of-house delivery you just come by baked products, they get it packaged and you leave due to lack of dining space.

Bakery food trucks: this is the kind of bakery that uses mobile truck in the selling of its baked products. Due to lack of space, they don’t bake in the bus.

Specialty bakeries:

This is the kind of bakery that specializes in particular baked goods like cupcakes and wedding cakes. This niche is still in the demand due to the specific items they produce.

Home bakeries:

This is the kind of bakery that is more common to a lot of people because no startup capital or culinary experience is needed to begin a home bakery.

Wholesale bakeries:

This is now another level of bakery business because instead of selling their products to customers directly they go to other businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and cafes that needs most of these products.

Steps to start a bakery business

  1. Business plan
    Before you jump into setting up a bakery in Nigeria you should write a detailed bakery business plan this is very important because he lays out the type of bakery you want to open the structure and the products.
  2. Source for capital
    depending on the size you want to set up you might need capital that is relevant to it but in a case where you do not have enough you can go for a loan.
  3. Registration
    new bakery business has to be registered with the corporate affairs commission and you will need to obtain a license from NAFDAC because it’s hard to deal with food unless you are running a home bakery.
  4. Work location
    If you are to go beyond a home bakery then you have to look for a good workspace and depending on the kind of bakery you want to run your location might be important to the customers you serve.
  5. Get equipment and hire labor
    Just so you know you mustn’t do everything yourself so you can also need the help of others. These are the important types of equipment needed in setting up your bakery.
  1. Oven
  2. Milling and lister machine
  3. Generator
  4. Slicing machine
  5. Delivery van
  6. Wrapper ( nylon)
  7. Pan
  8. Ceiling and industrial fan
  9. Ladder
  10. Scale
  11. Apron
  12. Chopping table
  13. Slicer and pan cleaner
  14. Mixing machine

Hope you found the information on the post useful in starting up your own bakery business in Nigeria.


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