How To Start Fish Farming In Nigeria


The venture of fish farming is a famous one in Nigeria, just as seafood itself is popular in most regions of the world.
Also, fish farming belongs to the category of the most profitable ventures in the country.
There is a perpetual rise in the demand for fish in the country including catfish.

The rearing of catfish and other fish species can be done for different reasons, it can be to earn extra money asides the regular salary or to simply meet the daily needs of your family.

You can get started with fish farming on a small scale or large scale, in as much as you know how to go about it.

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How to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria

Fish farming in Nigeria offers great possibilities and large-scale production can also be used. More on commercial catfish production in Nigeria are discussed here.

Fish Species

There are several fish species around the world but note that not all of those species are reasonable for farming due to the unique weather and climate country.

Some of those species that can be used for commercial fish farming in Nigeria are:

1. Clarias app

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2. Heterobranchus hybrid (Heteroclarias)

3. Clarias nigrodigitatus,

4. Heterobranchus app

5. Clarias gariepinus, etc

These are the common and most popular catfish species used for commercial farming in the country.

Farming Method

Usually the most common tools for fish farming are concrete tanks and fingerling outdoor systems.

However, do not forget that most species of catfish are cannibals., which means you have to carefully sort them. Ensure that you take proper caution while sorting them out, let the same sizes be together, don’t make the mistake of keeping the small-sized fishes with the big fishes.

If you are adopting the fingerling outdoor culture, you have to find a way of sending away insects.
You can achieve this by covering the fish tank with a net big enough to properly cover all the edges.

A common aspect of fishery in Nigeria is the Polyculture of catfish and some other fish species like tilapia.


Feeding is an essential part of fish farming. For you to have good production, and to make your fish business successful, You have to give appropriate feeds to the fishes.

It is advisable that you give them feeds that contain lysine, methionine, arginine, and raw protein in abundance.

For proper nutrition, you can also give feeds that contain soybean meal, groundnut cake, and plant residue. This will help the fishes to grow well.


Usually, most fish farmers in Nigeria prefer the pelleted floating feed because this food type is believed to give all the essential nutrients for the proper growth of fishes and eventually lead to a better output.
Asides that, floating feeds helps prevent wastage of fish feeds because the farmers can monitor well with floating feeds.


Artificial breeding is commonly used for catfish by hormonal induction. You must take special care of the fry for the first week after the successful breeding. The larvae can be fed with zooplankton during this time.

Cannibalism is the major problem involved with catfish farming. Keep in mind that you should always separate the different ages and sizes.

Fish farming is a highly lucrative business in the country. There is an increasing demand for catfish because it’s a great source of food and nutrition.

Interestingly enough, a suitable market already exists for fish. And do you know that Fish farming in Nigeria can play an important role in the national income of the country as a developing nation especially if the government can create more and more facilities for fish farming in Nigeria?


First, you must take your location into account. Determining whether you are in an appropriate fish farming area and ensure you adhere to your state and local laws and regulations.
This is really critical.

Take account of space. Your office, product storage, your employees and your equipment store will need space for your work.

It’s great if you feel that the location where you live is appropriate or that you can acquire the right farmland in the vicinity. The initial criteria of your list have been checked!

Acquire Knowledge

Where can you get adequate information?
You must get as much knowledge as you can on fish farming after finding the right place for your business before you start to invest money in your business.

You can visit multiple farms in your region or find online tools to learn about fish farming. You can gain more knowledge about aquaculture from several websites. Move through some fish farms and hear about the advantages and disadvantages of fish farms

Design Your Business Plan

You must have a corporate strategy outlined before starting a business. All the relevant details about your company’s structure, expenses, planned investments, and anticipated return on your investment should be included in your business plan.

Find out what you will need; how many people, what supplies and equipment, payroll, resources, and assets you have. To register your company as a company or proprietorship, you need your business plan.

It also helps you in attracting investors and partners, applying for bank loans and government grants, and developing a clear strategy for your company.

It may be good to seek your necessary permits and documents from the business consultant or attorney. These experts will help you to build a company that will meet all legal requirements.

Start-Up Fund

It’s important that you have some funding stored as your start-up capital if you want to start a small or medium-sized fish farming business.

Meanwhile, If you do not have enough experience and enough capital, it’s best you start small and invite a friend of yours to become your partner (preferably someone who has a better knowledge of fish farming)

A partnership company has many advantages. In this way, you can collect money much faster. You share responsibility, too.


A loan is another option: You can apply for a business loan if you don’t have enough money.
This may not be from a corporate body, there are several rich individuals who would be interested in your business, and they may be good to the extent of offering you loans.

So just be optimistic and keep your mind and eyes open, you will find help and your dreams will be achieved.


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