How To Start Pig Farming Business In Nigeria (2021)


This is a very lucrative aspect of agriculture. The daily earnings of those in this business will blow your mind. Meanwhile, another name for pig farming is piggery.

For those who venture into this business, poverty will become a thing of history, provided they follow the right process and system in the nurturing of the pigs.

If you’re kind of wondering why there is so much assurance of profitability in this business then:

First, in Nigeria, there is a huge demand for pig meat which makes pigs sell really fast in the local markets.

Also, the pig is a kind of animal that reproduces in large quantities and has the tendency of growing at a fast rate.

For example, a mature pig is capable of giving birth to 15 piglets at a go and that is why it is considered as one of the most reproductive animals on earth.

  • Baby pigs are also called piglet,
  • Farrow or shoat.

It is quite sad that despite the fact that there is a huge profit return on piggery, many Nigerians are still not interested in this business simply because they don’t know how it works.

Even some who are involved do it as a side hustle, but for those who are into it fully, they will enjoy its full benefit.

Are you still in doubt? Well, know that a mature pig in Nigeria is sold for as much as 40,000 depending on the pig’s weight measurement.

So let’s do a simple calculation: if one matured pig sells for N40,000, and you are able to nurture 100 pigs to maturity during just one year, it simply means you will be earning N4,000,000.

Now let’s put into consideration the speedy rate of pig reproduction and the number of piglets a pig gives birth to at once,  you know it won’t be so hard to get 100 pigs in a single year.

Now to the main matter, how can you set up your own pig farm? Below are important steps you need to take in setting up your pig farm

1. Acquire A Spacious Land Area

First and foremost, acquire a breeding ground for the pigs. When deciding on the size of land, consider the feeding system you intend to employ for the pigs, if you intend to do small scale for a start, then get a plot of land but as soon as the business grows bigger you can then acquire a big size land of like 5 acres.

This is necessary so that the pigs will have enough space to graze, after which they can easily return to their pen for food.

It is advisable that you acquire your land in a rural environment because the land is usually cheaper in rural areas. Nurture the pigs there and when they are matured you can transport them to the town for sales.

As a matter of fact when your business grows big, some butchers will prefer to come to your base, helping to save transportation costs.

Meanwhile, know that it is very good to raise pigs in the pasture by allowing them once in a while to play around in the fields so they can feed on plants, this can be easily achieved if your farmland is large enough in size.

2. Make Big Pens

This is essential that you raise your pigs in big pens so that they don’t end up injuring themselves. Also, your pen has to be spacious enough so that the pigs will not easily contract diseases.

Have a good drainage system so that water stagnation is avoided to a large extent, if you are confused about how to put all these in place, then hire the service of an expert.

Furthermore, you will need a clean water pool for the pigs so that they don’t always get very dirty. In this water pool, they can swim and play.

Pigs naturally like swimming and its a good exercise for their health also. The water needs to be changed regularly, the pool space needs to be clean so that the pigs will be neat.

3. Buy Healthy Piglets

When purchasing your first set of piglets, ensure that they are very healthy. Buy from a reliable source where you can ask if the pigs have any history of vaccination.

Then purchase a little quantity for start-up, don’t buy too many for a start. It’s better they increase gradually. You will be able to learn with these small numbers, and the effect of your mistakes( that’s if you make any) will be minimal.

4. Hire A Veterinary Doctor

You need to hire the service of a veterinary doctor so that you can be sure the health of the pigs is in a good state. Also, the doctor will help in matters pertaining to vaccination and nutrition matters.

5. Employ Workers

If you have up to 100 pigs, advise advice that you employ up to 5 persons or more. On the other hand, if you are planning to start on a very small scale, then you may just need the service of two persons.

You need people so that they can help in the cleaning of the pigs, the pens, in the feeding of t, he pigs and in ensuring that the pigs are well behaved. Surprised? Yes, just like humans, pigs and several other animals can be trained to behave well.

5. Feeding Is Essential For Pigs

This is an important feature you cannot afford to handle carelessly especially if you are into piggery for commercial purposes.

Like humans, pigs eat a lot of foods, in a nutshell, pigs can eat whatever human beings eat. So it is advisable that you give them a balanced diet for healthy growth. Their meal should at least contain carbohydrates, fibre, protein, v, vitamins, and minerals.
In fact, your budget for their feeding should be really high as compared to other things.

Also, ensure that they have access to clean drinking water. You can keep water for them in containers, but make sure you clean them up from time to time.

As soon as you put all these in place, you can then start your piggery business. Do not forget that this is a lucrative business but it demands your time and resources. Feed the pigs well, keep them neat, ensure the surroundings are well cleaned and do other necessary things, they will multiply and your gain will amaze you.


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