How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria (2021)


Poultry farming is a highly profitable but very sensitive business. Highly Profitable in that, chicken and egg are constantly in demand around the country and they are a strong source of animal protein beyond fish, pork, and beef.

Most specifically, poultry items are known as white meat, which is deemed to be safer for human consumption.

1. Take Time To Learn About This Enterprise

Don’t be too fast in starting up this business because usually, those who wish into this kind of business end up regretting.
It is a highly sensitive enterprise that those who are involved in it can only survive and excel by following the laws of the business.
Come to think of it, it’s not an easy task to nurture a day old chick.

As soon as you decide to venture into this business, locate poultry farming agencies because you first have to take a course on how to breed chicks especially, alongside other relevant courses.

You can register or contact a farmer and pay a nominal fee, it is for your own good. The explanation for this training is that the care of day-old chicks is extremely technical and a business novice will most likely be incorrect, which may lead to the closure of the company.

2. Think properly and decide on what aspect you want to focus on

This can be breeding of broiler, or eggs, or both.
Also, and have your investment-ready.
The operating scale depends on the amount of cash you have and how much you can access more capital over time from the financial institutions.

Thus you can start with a plot of land while you create a framework that will be suitable for your company when your investment crosses millions of naira.

If you don’t want to lose the money you need to consult an expert in this field. Most people also work in two fields to invest: broiler chicken for meat and layers for egg production.
There are several people who are involved in this aspect of poultry.

The field is not uncommon and can be very profitable as the chances of losing your chicks due to illnesses are very slim.

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3. Determine The Location Of Your Poultry.

You must consider such factors such as the closeness of your poultry to the market, where you will sell the products. Meanwhile, the poultry should be away from town, as you know that is the dictate of the law.

In addition, you will take into account the birds’ noise and odor.

Wherever the farm is situated, however, road access, adequate protection, electricity, clean water and so on are other key factors that must be put into consideration.

4. Place a poultry farm structure

Majorly, there are three structures you can use for your poultry.
They include:

First: Free Roaming Method;

Here the chicks are allowed to wander and find food by themselves.
This method is considered extremely irrational because the birds are not monitored.

Second: The Sawdust Method

Under this method, space, where the birds are kept, will be loaded with much sawdust so the birds will be given the freedom to move only within the space of the sawdust. A crucial point to keep aspect is that the sawdust must be changed from time to time to avoid any form of the disease for the birds.

Third; The Battery Caging Method
Although this method is really expensive, it is considered as the best method for poultry farming.
Under this method, the birds are sectioned in groups and kept in different cages where they have good ventilation and are free to associate inside the cage.

5. Get Ready The Equipment You Need For The Poultry

The tools needed for standard poultry are quite much and note that they are all important to the success of the business on a daily basis.

Simply check out the prices so you can decide the equipment to buy depending on your desired scale of poultry business.

6. Hiring Workers For Your Poultry

You can do it yourself comfortably when you work on a low level (between 150 and 400 chicks) but above that point, you may need to hire a few workers to assist with daily poultry activities.

Meanwhile, I would advise you to work in a little way as a starter, before your business grows.

However, if you are a learner, you can hire an experienced person to work with you for a fee, before all the requisite information is acquired.

7. Buying Of Feeds

You have to investigate and purchase from reliable poultry farmers. Seek to eliminate the possibility of purchasing bad chicks or malnourished chicks.

8. Feeding chicks

In the beginning, you can start with prepared feeds before you know the development of feeds.
So buy prepared feeds from reputable feed vendors and wait until you can make them for yourself.

In order to comply with medical rules, you must vaccinate and always give the birds clean water and maintain the right discipline in order to maintain healthy birds.

9. Make Early Contacts

You need to contact egg dealers from the very beginning to know the prices they pay for egg crates. Gather their names and addresses and tell them you have a farm and you will start to supply them with eggs at a specific time. For the selling of live chicken, you will make similar contacts.

10. Budget

It would be a pointless exercise for you to start poultry farming, without thinking of how much it will cost you.

In order to price price information, I suggest you make a list of all the required equipment in the poultry farm sector and do some window shopping. Don’t forget to find the expense of a poultry daily need and a day old chick.

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