How to Activate, Use FCMB Internet Mobile Banking


Have you been wondering how you can use FCMB mobile banking app? Or what are they that are involved in the service? In this article, I have clearly described what mobile banking generally is and the features/ benefits attached to using FCMB Mobile banking services.

You will also find out how to register for the FCMB mobile banking services. FCMB which stands for First City Monument Bank is a Nigerian bank that has keyed into mobile banking, which has become a common feature of all banks. FCMB is one of the top best commercial banks in Nigeria, with every potential to becoming a world-renowned bank.

What is Mobile Banking?

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Mobile banking is a service provided by financial institutions, where customers can have access to banking services through simple operations that can be made via their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

It is one of the benefits the internet has offered in the banking industry. This system of banking is almost scraping off the old traditional system of banking. Long queues no longer beseech banking halls as many things that needed to be done over the counter can now be done using the mobile phone in the comfort of your room.

In order to use this service, you must have the mobile banking app installed on your device. When you have registered for the service, you can then easily make your transactions in your comforts.

FCMB Mobile Banking App: How to Download & Register


In order to benefit from this service, you must be registered for the service. Follow the steps below in order to get started:

  • Visit the App stores (Google Playstore for Androids and iTunes for iPhones) and download the FCMB Mobile app.
  • Open the app you have downloaded it and click the Sign-Up button
  • If you already registered to click the Login button instead
  • Choose the ‘I have an FCMB Account’ option on the next page.
  • Choose the type of account you want to create with the mobile banking service: Personal, Business, Card, and Wallet. Choose the ‘Personal’
  • Enter your account number and click the ‘Next’ button
  • Fill the required field which follows and that’s how will get started with mobile banking.

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Features of FCMB Mobile Banking

There are operations you will be able via the mobile app. They are

  • Through the mobile app, one can access his account in real-time.
  • You can transfer funds between accounts within FCMB and other banks
  • Recharge your airtime
  • You could also pay bills like DSTV/GoTV, Utility bill, Internet services and so on.
  • You can also make your balance inquiry and request for a mini statement of account.
  • You can also do the ATM CardLex Cash transaction, where you can send funds to any beneficiary for cash pick up at any FCMB ATM.
  • You can also book airline tickets
  • Make currency conversions
  • A user can also request, stop and confirm cheques using the mobile app.


Apart from the mobile app, FCMB also has a mobile USSD transaction code with which a customer can make transactions when he cannot access on the internet. Therefore it will no longer be a hassle for those who cannot access the internet to make simple bank operations. It is simple and easy to remember.

is fast, reliable, secure and convenient. Dial *329# if you are an FCMB customer to get started. Any phone type can be used for this operation. Now you can kit up and bank smarter. Thank you for coming through.


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