How to advertise free on facebook in Nigeria


In today’s guide we are looking at learning how to advertise free on Facebook platforms in Nigeria. Just imagine if you have legally collected residential addresses of over 10 million people in Nigeria and they have given you permission to sell your products to them and in addition to that you really have the idea of the kind of products they would love to buy. Isn’t that a way to be very rich?

Let’s say you know what every one of those 10 million people would love to buy a watch or eat. you also studied them and you have discovered their interest and patterns of behaviors. not only that you have every information about them and many companies both local and foreign will be willing to pay you to market their business to them given that you already know their buying preference.

You already know which individual would be interested in buying fancy clothes or would love to check out a service-related company or attend a particular occasion. Can you see how lucrative the offer is?

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Now that is the exact thing Facebook adverts do for businesses.

If you are trying to check out Facebook adverts for your business or you are interested in running an advert on Facebook it is very crucial that you understand how effective Facebook marketing technique can be to your business.

Facebook advertising is a very profitable and affordable venture because the fee for advertising on Facebook is as affordable as $1 and I thought you expose your product or service to a large audience of Facebook users. there are billions of users on social medi platforms and during this pandemic, several others have gotten more engaged in this number one Social Media platform in the world known as Facebook.

Two for a business to acquire more leads and customers it has to venture into Facebook adverts alongside other types of marketing in their campaign.

According to statistics, there are over 26 million people in Nigeria that make active use of Facebook on a monthly basis for different purposes which can be family and friends or business purposes. So seeing the promising opportunity Facebook brings to the table it is very important you come up with a good strategy that will easily and ties your audience inform of advertisement.

Facebook adverts help you to target and reach a specific audience in Nigeria that is cut across any niche you prefer. The following below are the basic process of advertising-free on Facebook in Nigeria.

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  1. Create Facebook Business Page

Just like the creation of the Instagram business page, there is also a Facebook business page that is different from a personal page and this is a public profile that you can easily create free of charge for your local business product or brand.

This is just as easy as using your Facebook account and you can easily operate it. with this official business page that you’ve created, you can make use of it to promote your products or your business using event announcements, status updates, links, photos, comments, videos, and even sponsored posts.

So before looking at how to advertise your business free on Facebook you need to create a business page we should be attached to your business officially. enter create this page is not difficult you just have to log in to your personal Facebook account and go to the page, click on the + sign there to create a new business page.

  1. Set your marketing objective


It is your advertising objective that will make you attend your business goals and reach your objectives.

This advertising objective entails what you want people to see when you show them your adverts like seeing your website, liking your page, or promoting a particular post. When your company grows higher the advertising campaign goals change due to priorities. as a new brand who has just created a new Facebook business page, you should be focused on getting new customers and creating awareness for your brand and your advice should show this.

After that, later on in the future, you can try to get people to sign up for an event or make purchases. However, you need to know that you need a Facebook advertising objective to start with.

  1. Set your preferred target audiences

So you have to know the right audience for you to push your advanced to and this is needful so you don’t have to waste a lot of money running a Facebook campaign without returns on investment. There are well over 2 billion Facebook users so you should look at the ones that are interested in your services and products.

Obviously it wouldn’t be all, it would only be part of the population and how you can easily do that is while setting your Facebook advertisement campaign in the audience section go to interest and choose the one that relates to your field. With this, you can also select other targeting features that are in relation to personal attributes like location, demographics, behaviors, and interest.

  1. Choose platforms and placements.

Before placing your advert on Facebook you have to select the channels and platforms where you want the advert to appear. Any options you can choose the audience network or messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. that is why it is crucial for you to identify your target audience before you place the ad because that will enable you to know which platform you can reach them the most.

  1. Set your budget

Before you create a Facebook ad you’ll be asked to set a budget and prepare a schedule for running your Adverts. Your budget has a minimum of $1 and the maximum can be any amount. some companies run adverts in millions of Dollars.

So you should find the most efficient way to create a budget that will sponsor your heart and not waste money without achieving returns. After that, you have to set your schedule and in this part, you will have to choose if you want to place the ad right away or you want to place it in the future.

  1. Create your Facebook Ad

In this part, all you need to do is create the right headline or text and make use of the proper image you should also see the policy guidelines so that your advert won’t get rejected by Facebook. You might also provide your website URL depending on the campaign objective if you would like them to go directly to your website.

Before you place your ad implement certain advertising and marketing strategies that will gain the attention of people like making your ads colorful and use the right image size so that it will be compatible with every type of screen.

After this, you are all done you have to review your advert campaign and launch it.



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