How to advertise free on Instagram in Nigeria


Hello, you’ve probably been thinking of how you can easily promote your business free on Instagram in Nigeria and make triple of your current sales.

The good news is unlike WhatsApp which has limited marketing strategies Instagram marketing is easily accessible to all users. there’s another factor that makes it possible for you to easily promote on Instagram free because several Instagram users love following brands, companies, and small businesses that they can easily benefit from or have interest in Nigeria.

There are several brands that are earning millions today just because they have built their online presence strongly on Instagram than from sponsored ads on their pages, direct sales, commissions and referrals. Instagram is such a huge platform especially after its acquisition by Facebook group. it now has a unique monthly users of over 1 billion.

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According to statistics the unique visitors on a daily basis for Instagram is over 500000 and it is said to be the second most engaging social network after Facebook in the first position.
The facts that you should know about Instagram is that majority of the users our youth and according to statistics, 71% of the users are less than 35 years old.

It has been calculated that an average Instagram user spent at least 53 minutes on the platform which almost equals the Facebook timeline.

In the United States, 71% of the businesses use Instagram for business purposes and about 80% of Instagram users had reviewed the fact that they discover new services and products majorly on Instagram.

These statistics alone show that Instagram is a gold mine for business owners.
that is why most people that have discovered the secret keep asking how they would easily promote and advertise their business free on Instagram especially in Nigeria.

There’s been an increase in demand of online users and higher engagement recently due to pandemic and lockdown situations most people now spend more time on the internet and this is time for business owners to utilize it and advertise their products which will reach a higher number of users other than before.

businesses should be able to use the power of the social media most especially Instagram which is a picture and video sharing platform to tell stories about their brand and get people to fall in love with their products. if only this can be achieved they would have a strong online presence gain more leads and make a lot of money.

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Most modernized businesses are now leveraging on Instagram because it’s a fast-paced social media platform where not just individuals share photos and videos but also businesses utilize. Every day at least 3.5 billion photos are liked. There are over 17000 likes and 2000 comments per second. In a day there are over 18 million photos being posted.

If a business can strategize and make use of the opportunities on Instagram business then they might be able to hit instant viral success using advertising on the platform.

the first step for any business to advertise the product and services on Instagram free in Nigeria is to create a business account that is very different from a normal personal account.

Why you can easily deduce the difference between the two is that on the business account you can find some tools to monitor your engagement rate on Post while you can’t and make a promotion on personal account. After the creation of your Instagram business page, you are set for adverts on the platform.

This post will guide you through promoting your services and products on Instagram because I will give you the precise steps to follow in order to increase your engagement rates and be able to advertise on the platform.


Below what you should do to be able to look professional on Instagram;

  1. Optimize your bio
  2. Be an active user
  3. Post awesome contents like user-generated content, Videos, users generated content and quotes etc.
  4. Post frequently
  5. Create quality professional  pictures
  6. Show some lifestyle touch
  7. Go Behind the scene
  8. Work on branding using Voice, color, and theme.
  9. Use Hashtags – personalized, global, localized, and brand-specific hashtags)
  10. Call to action
  11. Enable people to only make a purchase of what they see
  12. Use testimonials
  13. Geotagging
  14. Contests – hashtag contests and Do giveaways.
  15. Instagram advertising
  16. Follow influencers and practice influencer marketing
  17. Celebrate your achievements
  18. Study your growth over time and make observations about the changes in the Instagram algorithm.
  19. Make use of Instagram live videos and stories.

Steps to advertise free on Instagram

  1. Use brand-specific #Hashtags

Hashtags, no doubt, are a crucial part of your posts on Instagram and you should not ignore them. Adding a hashtag is very relevant and gives 12.6% extra engagement than post with no hashtags. Make use of hashtags that relevant to your Brand and your posts in order to reach your target audience.

  1. Use general #Hashtags

Make use of general hashtags in your Instagram post because there are niches like lifestyle, travel, entertainment, and others. You can make use of hashtags like #motivationmonday, #likeforlike, and others. Two of these hashtags are enough for your post.

  1. Add geolocation to your post.

Make use of geotagging or location feature why making a post on Instagram because when people make a search for the particular location which you tagged they will be able to see your post. this means that if you are in Lagos while making a post make sure you use a location tag of Lagos.

  1. Use Instagram influencers.

Instagram influencers are very powerful because they influence the large number of following on Instagram you should connect and follow most of them and you never can tell they can help repost your product or service on their page. Instagram influencers have played a very crucial role in making some brands very popular on Instagram.

  1. Use Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories attract a lot of attention you can also capitalize on that. This story lasts up to 24 hours just like Facebook and WhatsApp stories or status. This story is to help tell people what your brand is all about. The concept is very simple to keep it short and engaging.

  1. Interact well with your customers.

When a customer makes a review share them on yours stories or Instagram posts repost some of their pictures and engage with them personally that way they will feel more comfortable with you.



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