How to advertise free on WhatsApp in Nigeria


Many people earn through social media these days especially in the wake of pandemic things that have really changed and several jobs have adapted online and most people have learned how to use their social media as a tool for making money.

Earlier on we have given advice and useful tips on how to make money on WhatsApp what they need now is to be looking at how to place adverts free on WhatsApp in Nigeria.

according to statistics out of every 10 persons you meet 7 owns a smartphone in Nigeria with WhatsApp installed in it. WhatsApp which is the social media messaging app that was recently acquired by the Facebook group in 2014 for $19 billion has it’s worth over their acquisition price currently due to billions of users on the platform.

It is not to be one of the fastest-growing messaging apps in the world because by 2017 WhatsApp and recorded a monthly active user’s record-breaking rate of 1.3 billion.

most people that belly has the idea of what social media entails would think WhatsApp is just for sending messages but this notion is very wrong.

Even in a country like Nigeria, most people have adapted very well to WhatsApp and it has even gotten more popular than Facebook because most people prefer messaging on WhatsApp alone due to its better features for a chat.

According to statistics, WhatsApp has daily active users of 1 billion. It has over 1.3billion monthly active users and records over 55 billion daily messages. 4.5 billion pictures are also being shared on the messaging platform daily and the daily video shares exceed 1 billion.

Even families create WhatsApp groups and organize their meetings online on this platform. This technology is gradually displacing SMS because it literally does everything and more than SMS does. so why people are out there enjoying WhatsApp for just chat some people are also leveraging on this platform to earn income and make a lot of money. a few people in Nigeria that utilize this platform as a business marketing tool.

In this post, we shall love into details on how to advertise, sell, and get paid on WhatsApp.

Advertisement on WhatsApp

Most businesses have WhatsApp business contacts and I look forward to using the platform to gain cogent results but the thing is since what’s up does not allow adverts on like Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

How do businesses now leverage this platform to reach their target audience?
Yes, most business owners are confused about the same process and how to go about it. We have put togther some good tips to help you advertise your business in whatsapp and boost your earnings and also get more business leads.

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp just recently introduced a new feature that is called status I was probably adopted from the stories on Snapchat listen feature is currently on Facebook and Instagram as stories. This feature let’s you WhatsApp users to easily share photos and videos with their friends. this feature allows these photos and videos that are being uploaded to last for a maximum of 24 hours before getting deleted.

The people that allowed to view your WhatsApp status are your WhatsApp friends or those you invite. while most people use this WhatsApp feature for posting memes and some funny things some other people leverage your name to promote their business and how would you do that?
You can always share pictures and videos of your products on your WhatsApp status.

Especially in times like this when most people have now resorted to drop-shipping and selling on their WhatsApp. You can also post positive reviews you got from your clients on your services.

WhatsApp groups

becoming a member of several WhatsApp groups is very important because it helps you give you a wider platform especially when you are looking forward to selling and advertising your product using the platform.

You can always create up your own WhatsApp group and share the link in order to invite people that have similar interests in the product or service you offer. Belonging to several WhatsApp groups is just like network marketing when you have to connect with other people.

In this WhatsApp groups, you can always place the link for your products there you never can tell who will get back to you. You can go on a spree to find several WhatsApp groups and join them in order to promote and advertise your business easily.

Direct messages (DMs)

Making use of direct messaging on WhatsApp is a very cool feature which is gradually disposing of SMS method for regular kind of chats. the direct messaging feature on WhatsApp allows you to be able to send files, locations, and all the different important stuff for your business to thrive on social media. let’s say used WhatsApp status and group chats to gain a possible lead for you to easily convert them you will need to chat them up and this well the private direct messaging comes in.

It is in the DM that you tell the person about your products, the prize and you can be able to finalize the deal with the buyer Just in a DM. Asides that you can also decide to apply caution because if you’re not careful your messages might become spammy.

WhatsApp Broadcast

I use this a lot to advertise lots of products and services. The thing is if you want to send a message to a large number of people on your WhatsApp without having to start messaging the morning after the other then this is the way you should go about it is find your number and create a new broadcast group.

Also note that there is a loophole in this broadcast feature because people tend to ignore the messages they get as a broadcast because it is not personalized and they can sense it.

One thing you should know is that WhatsApp is a communication tool that is not just for social media messaging what can also be leveraged on as a business owner and be used to advertise your business and make profits.

An advantage of advertising your business on this platform is that it costs you to know the money you just have to have your data subscription and use the methods listed above to achieve your aims.


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