How to Apply For An Urgent Loan in Nigeria


Gone are the days when it was extremely difficult for one to get a loan or financial support from financial institutions and organizations.

It is now very easy for you to apply and receive loans from organizations online and the most interesting part of this is that you don’t even need collateral to access these loan offers.

In this article, I will be sharing with you various online platforms where you can apply for a loan, and how you can apply on these platforms.

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#1 Platform: Branch Mobile Loan

Here you can access loan offers of your choice in minutes.

Branch is a quick loan app that gives you access to the funds you need to accomplish your goals without the common struggle that follows loan application in Nigeria. Citizens of other countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, and Mexico can also access these loan offers from Branch.

Branch gives you access to loans ranging from N1,500 to N150,000 which you will be required to pay back within 4-64weeks. What are you waiting for? All you need do is to get an Android phone and apply for a loan instantly.

Interesting enough, you don’t need any paperwork, you don’t need to meet with anyone physically and you don’t need to submit any collateral. In fact,it will only take you a few minutes to complete your application and get your loan directly into your bank account.

How To Apply:
To apply for a loan on Branch, all you need to do is to visit the official website and follow all due process from there.

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In case you need to get in touch with the financial advisor of Branch, you can follow Branch on Twitter through @branch_co, Instagram through @branch_ng, or simply visit

#1 Platform: Quick Cash by 9mobile


Are you aware that you can also borrow money online through 9mobile, well all you need to do is to get a 9mobile line and make available your valid bank statements?

How To Apply:
From your mobile, all you need to do is to dial the short code *561# and follow the process through.

On 9mobile quick cash, you will have the opportunity of borrowing up to N100,000 within 3 minutes.

You will not be allowed to apply for multiple loans at the same time, and to pay back, you can repay through the use of your ATM, through Direct deposit or Direct transfer.To find out more, simply visit

#3 Platform: Paylater (Carbon)

Paylater is another online platform where you can have access to loans in order to sort your financial issues.

On this platform, the interesting thing is the interest rate for your first loan. On your first loan, you will be required to pay only 1% of the money you are borrowing and you will be required to pay back within 15 days. Meanwhile, you will be able to see the amount you are required to refund at one corner on the website.

How To Apply:
To apply for a loan through Paylater (Carbon) platform, all you need to do is to visit the official website which is: and follow the process laid before you.

#4 Platform: C24 Loan

C24 Loan is also a loan website which offers loan to people who need to tackle some financial struggles.
Good enough, the site is so user-friendly and highly comprehensive.

Another benefit of this platform is that the interest rate the borrower is required to pay is so affordable, more so, you can have access to loans within few hours after your registration and amazing enough, you don’t need any paperwork or collateral to access these loan offers.
How To Apply;

You can apply by visiting the official page of the company: and follow due process.

With this set of information, I’m sure you know you don’t have to be financially stranded anymore, whenever you find yourself in need of financial support, just visit any of these platforms and you will be sorted.


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